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Ministry Sends Health Warning Amid High Temperatures

cyprus temperatures

The health ministry has sent a warning that the temperatures are extremely high and the public needs to avoid going out in the sun frequently, and not exercise too strenuously.

Following these measures will avoid dehydration and serious dangers to the health:

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July Unemployment Falls 9.7% Year/Year

cyprus unemployment rateThe July unemployment rate fell by 9.7 percent to 42.178 persons compared to the same month in 2014, said the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT).

On a monthly basis, there was a decrease from 43.307 persons to 43.060 persons on a seasonally-adjusted basis, according to the survey.

As Cyprus eases out of recession, the hope is that the unemployment rate will be reduced.

Palestinian Embassy Reminds Media That Cyprus Recognises Palestine

palestine cyprus israelIn the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Cyprus, the Palestinian Embassy has sent a letter to the media reminding journalists that Cyprus recognised it as a state in November 1988, so all Palestinian officials like President Mahmoud Abbas should be addressed as state officials of the state of Palestine, not the Palestinian Authority.

Electricity Authority Adds New Vulnerable Group to Tariff 8

electricity prices cyprusThe Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) said it is adding the beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum income to its list of vulnerable groups that are entitled to Tariff 8. This category has much lower rates than Tariffs 5, 6 and 7, and applies to families with three children and dependents, and the disabled, included paraplegics. Click here to read the tariffs.

Tariff 8 charges are: 11.26 cents for the first 1000 units; 12.60 cents for the next 1000 units; and 15.01 cents for anything over-and-above 2001 units.

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Thought for Today - Real Power is Finding Peace with Who You Are


Divorce and separation don’t have to be a source of anger when you respect that people can change their minds or grow in different directions. Whatever you decide to do in your life don’t make yourself a victim of your anger or think that you have the right to punish others.

Europol Shuts Down Darknet Child Pornography Centre

darknetEuropol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) has supported Italian law enforcement authorities to shut down a hidden service for distributing child sexual abuse material, it said in a statement. The house of the Italian administrator has been searched and 14 000 bitcoin wallets have been seized.

The Darknet is made up of encrypted friend-to-friend or file sharing networks that are not accessible via the usual Internet systems like search engines. 

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