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EU Cracks Down on Human Traffickers After Hundreds of Migrants Drown

migrant deaths libya

The European Commission is cracking down on human traffickers after the horrific drowning deaths of 700 migrants whose boat capsized off the coast of Libya, saying there will be a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by smugglers. President Nicos Anastasiades is due to travel to Brussels on Thursday to attend an emergency meeting of the European Council that was called by its president Donald Tusk.

Deputy Attorney-general Cries Foul Over Lawyer Appointed To Try Corruption Charges

erotokritouDeputy Attorney-General Rikkos Erotokritou has cried foul over a private-sector lawyer appointed by Attorney-General Costas Clerides in a corruption case against him, saying that the wife of lawyer Elias Stefanou used to work as a police officer and could result in his testimony being compromised.

The astonishing public conflict between the attorney-general and deputy attorney-general has resulted in both sides sending messages to the media via the state's Press and Information Office.

Superb Painter Kikos Lanitis New Exhibition Opens at Gloria Gallery

A must-see! Have a colorful time at Kikos Lanitis Art exhibition and a first look at Efi Papaioannou's "CINNERS" summer collection. Opening tonight, April 22nd at ​​"​​​​Gloria​ Gallery​​​", 19.30.

kikos lanitis 

Greece Assists Cyprus Authorities in Vgenopoulos Investigation

vgenopoulos cyprusGreek and Cyprus authorities are working together in an investigation centring on former Laiki Bank chief Andreas Vgenopoulos.

The findings of a police investigation into the 2013 financial crash in Cyprus have been given to Attorney-general Costas Clerides and charges are expected to be lodged against former top officials in the ex-Laiki bank, which sucked up nine billion euros of the ECB's Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) before going bankrupt.

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Thought for Today - Become Aware of Your Choices

All that happens in your life may bring you the experience to become more aware of the choices you make. You are not punished by life as you receive the circumstances in which you can recognize your power and wisdom but sometimes your anger will blind your point of view and your frustration will keep you in your victim role.

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Soul Art and Soul Food at Mary’s’s opening of Catt Kyriacou’s art exhibit and talk on soul art was a soulful affair - in every way. And a much anticipated one. Catt had been at Mary’s a week before to hang her wonderfully light and gentle work. The energy at Mary’s was absolutely transformed with paintings carrying titles like Pink Angel of Unconditional Love, Hope, Awakening Aphrodite, Regaining Balance...  gracing the walls.

Bank of Cyprus CEO Hourican Resigns, Cites Personal Reasons

hourican resigns

Just a few days after a controversial insolvency bill was passed by the House of Representatives, state-owned Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican announced his resignation, citing personal reasons.

Hourican wants to spend more time with his family in Ireland, and will leave the island shortly, after presiding over the bank in its time of deepest trouble and instability.

Employers and Industrialists Federation Calls for Deregulated Shopping Hours

The Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEV) have called on the House of Representatives to adopt a historic bill that would deregulate shop opening hours to a large extent, giving shops the option to stay open during weekends and until later in the day if they prefer.

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