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It Is Not Enough to Feel Compassion for Refugees - They Must Be Helped

syrian refugee toddler drowned

Everyone feels compassion for baby Aylan, the drowned refugee toddler who washed up on a Turkish beach but it's not enough, we must do something about it, especially countries like Cyprus that are along the corridor used by boat refugees.

The refugees from Syria literally have no choices, they are running away from a certain death - either from their own government forces, or the ISIS terrorists. Our authorities cannot turn their backs on them and throw them in jail or treat them like subhumans just because they are in dire trouble. The whole population of Cyprus was in a similar situation in 1974 and it's time the money from the EU is used correctly to make a safe haven for these human beings.

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At Home with Pets – Pet Cemetery & Fostering (Part II)

anna georghallidesOn September 1st I became the Director of the new pet cemetery in the grounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Nicosia. The first of its kind as there are no pet cemeteries anywhere in the world on church/Cathedral property. The Blessing Ceremony took place at 10am with a welcome from the Very Reverend Jeremy Crocker and was followed by prayers and the Blessing from Bishop Michael Lewis, Anglican Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf. Attended by around 50 guests, there was a reception to follow in the Deanery.

St. Paul’s Pet Cemetery is being offered as a service to the community so people have a tranquil and relaxing place to bury their beloved pets. The Rainbow Memorial Garden is being created and anyone who would like a pet remembered may contribute a plant in their memory. Full details are on the new website ( and a percentage of any burial and memorial item goes towards animal rescue in Cyprus through ‘Even More Special’.

Cyprus Deflation at Minus 2.7% in August vs Minus 3.0% in July

deflation cyprus newsPrices remained deflated in the month of August when they fell by minus 2.7 percent compared to three percent in July.

On an annual basis, deflation quickened compared to the minus 0.7 percent recorded in July 2014, according to the latest official statistics.

Teen Arrested in Paphos on Suspicion of Arson

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Paphos for questioning in connection with 25 fires that broke out in the district over the last week, most recently in Giolou near Peyia.

German Couple Die in Road Accident - Death Toll Reaches 34 in 2015

cyprus road accident

After the death of a German couple in a road accident near Platres on September 2nd, the road fatality toll has reached 34 people.

News Shorts - Russian Man Drowns | British Man Arrested for Child Abuse

cyprus news

A 61-year-old Russian man living in Paphos drowned in his pool at his home near Peyia, said the Cyprus News Agency. Vladimir Slaviolof's body was found by a friend at 9:30 pm on September 1st, who told police he had drunk a lot of alcohol and had decided to delay his trip back to Russia.

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