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'The Week' Video News April 20-28th, 2014

cyprus news

Manhunt for Serious Offender in Limassol

andreas onoufriouPolice have launched a manhunt in Limassol for serious offender Andreas Onoufriou, aged 63.

The former convict had heavy weapons in his house and escaped with bags full of money, said police, who tried to arrest him earlier today. He was spotted in Naafi but as of the time of writing is still on the run, armed with a G3 army rifle and considered to be extremely dangerous.

Cyprus Public Debt at 111.7% of GDP - Eurostat

Cyprus' public debt has rocketed to 111.7% of gross domestic product, from an estimated 60% just two years ago, according to Eurostat's latest figures.

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Thought for Today - Improve Your Own Performance

To live a fulfilling life, always improve your own performance. It's not a matter of being better or more important than someone else but recognizing where you can expand your thinking and be more creative.

Government of the People, Not Over the People - Opinion

The government owes 600 million euros to people whose land was expropriated for important development projects like schools, roads, and highways, this is a fact.

Don't Travel to Turkey - Foreign Ministry

turkey visa rules cyprus

Cypriots living in the government-controlled areas have been asked not to travel to Turkey, after new visa regulations specifying that they have to apply as 'Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus', a non-existent entity.

Easter Service Unity Between Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot Religious Leaders

orthdox easter

In a ceremony that has touched many hearts, for the first time in 58 years, an Orthodox Easter liturgy was held in the medieval church of Agios Georgios Exorinos in the Turkish-held city of Famagusta.

Criminal Probe into Financial Crash Loses Lead Investigator

Lead investigator into the financial crash Themistos Arnaoutis has resigned, citing disagreements over the handling of the probe, said police spokesman Andreas Angelides.

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