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Deadlock Over Turkey's Incursions into Cyprus Oil-and-Gas Fields

cyprus oil and gas

UN envoy Barth Eide's latest round of talks with the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriots has failed to get the two sides back to the negotiating table, and Turkey continues to make forays into the island's gas-and-oil fields with its seismic research ship 'Barbaros'.

No Reunification Talks Unless Turkey Stops Incursions into Cyprus Gas Fields - President

joe biden cyprus

Reunification talks between the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriots will not resume unless Turkey stops making incursions into the Republic of Cyprus' oil-and-gas fields, said President Nicos Anastasiades to US Vice-President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation.

Jazz duet Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neofytou release their second CD ‘Jazz Origins’

sarah fenwick marinos neofyout jazz origins
New musical journey composed by jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and guitarist Marinos Neofytou.
Renowned jazz and blues singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neofytou have released their new CD ‘Jazz Origins’, an exploration of the diverse roots of jazz. The CD is available online from Jazz Arts & Communications, at this web address:

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Thought for Today - Live Your Dreams

How does your day look today, what are your priorities and do you follow your schedule. How faithful do you keep up with all your promises to yourself and others?

President Anastasiades Travels to New York For Heart Surgery

anastasiades heart surgeryPresident Nicos Anastasiades will undergo heart surgery on December 4th in New York, said government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides.

The president will leave Cyprus on November 29th and undergo mitral valve repair surgery in a medical centre that specialises in this type of surgery.

He is expected back in Cyprus before the Christmas holidays, and several meetings have been postponed for 2015, including his trip to Israel.

Cyprus To Sell Natural Gas to Egypt - Ministers

cyprus oil gasCyprus will sell natural gas to Egypt, according to a joint statement from Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis and Egyptian Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail.

The two ministers had a meeting today in Nicosia to discuss closer cooperation in the field of natural gas and oil, and reiterated their shared conviction that hydrocarbon discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean can be a catalyst for cooperation on a regional basis.

Car Registrations Rise 23% Jan-Oct 2014, y/y

The number of car registrations rose by 23 percent for the first ten months of the year, compared to the same period in 2013, said the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT).

Furious Curious Cancer Survivor Protocol

 The Furious Curious Cancer Survival Protocol no. II

431342_338761646158621_1851547743_nAm I a prescriptive kind of extreme persona with a closed mind? No, far from it.
However I believe that we would all benefit if we get hold of a book by a Scandinavian lady doctor called Kristine Nolfi, a pioneer of self healing who survived breast cancer by adopting a raw food diet. She was a children’s doctor in Denmark, the land of dairy farms,  who got a tumor in the 1950s and instinctively went on a raw diet and chose to live on the beach. All that sunshine vitamin overdose COMBINED WITH FOOD IN ITS NATURAL STATE was not even in fashion back then. She was probably aware of the work with raw food to restore health that was done in Switzerland for arthritis etc…
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