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marketing my blogHi, my name is Sarah Fenwick, I've been an online marketer and journalist for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many hundreds of ways there are to promote your blog.

This can lead to paralysis and indecision, can't it?

Korean Week Marked in Cyprus

The Korean Embassy celebrates the 20th anniversary of diplomacy between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Cyprus with a series of events showcasing the Korean culture and promoting the relations between the two countries. All events are open to the public and the entrance is free.

At Home with Pets – Introducing George

animal welfare cyprusIt’s been a lovely week in our household and I’ve finally sat down to write and tell you all about it. I’m sitting here surrounded by pups and kittens, with a glass of chilled wine and listening to the wonderful new CD ‘All of Me’ by Swing/Jazz singer Michael Antoniou. Do check out his website ( or listen to a sample ( and treat yourselves to his album.

Back in early March I received a message about a pup rescued in Limassol, found by the side of the road, paralyzed in the hind legs, fractured pelvic bone, torn ligaments, deep wounds from dragging and scared. The person who found him wanted a second opinion before deciding whether to ‘save’ him so he was brought up to Nicosia by a volunteer. As soon as I saw this little 1½ year old pup looking at me with sorrowful ‘help me’ eyes I knew that I had to do whatever I could for him.

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Tweeting the night away at Mary’s

twitterFriday’s presentation and workshop ‘10 Twitter Power Hacks’ by Social Media Manager Charli Day was yet again something totally different to be featured at Mary’s.  I had actually organized the event out of purely egoistical reasons as my personal relationship with Twitter has been ambivalent at best. And it turned out I was not the only one who just ‘didn’t quite get it’.

Tales of a Jazz Singer - In Tribute to B.B. King, RIP

bbking"I believe everybody's had the blues at one time or another." B.B. King.

I was sad when I heard B.B. King had died, and felt the same way as I did when Stevie Ray Vaughn passed away, only consoled by the knowledge that his music will live on forever in my and millions of others' hearts.

Anyone who's had the blues and turned on B.B. King has felt comforted by his music and the sweet sound of Lucille, as he called his guitar. He inspired generation after generation of guitarists and was an example to all musicians who aspire to play that most deceptively simple and deeply emotionally complex genre of music - the blues.

At Home with Pets – ‘Tick Tock’

animal careTick season is obviously upon us! I was not amused yesterday when I came in after a lovely walk with the pups to find that a couple of unwelcomed guests had attached themselves onto poor Foxy and Tipper. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, including Ehrlichia which unfortunately most rescue dogs have when initially rescued in Cyprus and although treatable you don’t want back. Ehrlichia along with Anaplasma and Lyme disease can all be fatal for pets if not treated (treatments last for approx 30 days) and humans can catch all three from being bitten by infected ticks, thankfully they cannot be caught through contact with your pet.

Symptoms in your pets can include: Anaplasma – lameness, joint pain, fever, lethargy and no appetite Ehrlichia – fever, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, respiratory distress Lyme – high fever, lameness, joint swelling, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy and no appetite.

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