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marketing my blogHi, my name is Sarah Fenwick, I've been an online marketer and journalist for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many hundreds of ways there are to promote your blog.

This can lead to paralysis and indecision, can't it?

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Thought for Today - Create Opportunities for Yourself

Living life is about creating opportunity and being able to see your ability to inspire and empower whatever you manifest. When you think that it matters how much money you earn or how successful you must be you are no longer focused on what you do but your first priority becomes the opinion of others.

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Thought for Today - Life Is About What You Share

Life is not about size, age and career as it’s not about how important you seems to be and certainly not about how beautiful and young you look now as that is just all relative to this moment. Life is all about what you are able to share, how you deal with your fears and have the courage to be yourself.

A Jazz Singer's Tales - Upcoming Performance in Paphos, July 10th, 2015

sarah fenwick jazz singer cyprusYou're very cordially invited to enjoy the beautiful sounds of live jazz and blues with me, Sarah Fenwick, and my band 'Fly Me To the Moon', with guitarist Marinos Neofytou, drummer Stelios Xydias, bass player Andreas Rodosthenous, and saxophone player Achilleas Thomasides on July 10th, 2015 at the elegant Elea Estate in Paphos.

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Thought for Today - Whatever You Do Today, Do It with Love

Whatever you do today do it with love, you can always complain about what is happening but show today how it can be done differently. Be aware that you are the change this world needs and the more leadership you find inside of yourself the more equally you handle everyone around you.

At Home with Pets – Coprophagia

animal welfare cyprusIt always saddens me when I see dogs eating poo or drinking their urine. There are various theories as to why they do this but in rescue cases it’s usually because they have either been starved and it was ‘food’ and ‘drink’ or in my Naser’s case it was because he was a hunting dog, living in a small cage, rarely taken out and it was the only way to keep his cage clean.

There is a professional name for such behaviour: coprophagia (Greek). Apart from the aforementioned reasons for rescue dogs partaking of such behaviour other reasons include:

• Mother pups licking newborn puppies to encourage them to go to the loo and then eating the faeces to keep the nest clean and hide evidence of her offspring from predators.

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