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marketing my blogHi, my name is Sarah Fenwick, I've been an online marketer and journalist for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many hundreds of ways there are to promote your blog.

This can lead to paralysis and indecision, can't it?

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French food, Russian tales and classical music


yiannis georgiouSaturday’s French dinner with British-Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou was one of those events that got booked early on. It is quite a rare treat to meet a professional classical musician, especially over dinner in the cosy setting of a private home and it seems a home cooked French meal is certainly a plus too.
In fact Yiannis had requested to keep his talk informal, as a ‘regular conversation’ with him answering the guests’ questions. A format we had used during a similar event with him two years ago. Then too we had French food and were preparing to join Yiannis a week later at the Rialto Theatre for his piano recital. 
I had bravely accepted 14 guests, the maximum I feel comfortable with for a full 3-course meal. Several of them were first time visitors at Mary’s, several of them guests I had not seen in a while. The welcome drinks took longer than expected as I just could not get them to stop talking/sit down, so involved were they in meeting, re-meeting, introducing... a fantastic atmosphere from the very start.
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Thought for Today - Challenges Are Opportunities to Outperform

Do you want your life to be easy, smooth and simple, wishing that all will come your way without making a huge effort? Maybe you are just afraid of being challenged not believing that you are capable of great achievements. It seems very normal in this world to hope for the easy way out but does it make you a better person, alert, powerful or content?

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Thought for Today - Shine Your Radiant Light

Are you the most loving parent for your children, the best employee at work or the most concern citizen in your village always performing in any role you take at your best?

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Thought for Today - You Are Part of the Team in This World

If you think that you only have to take responsibility for the place in which you work when you carry a title like the boss, the manager or director, you lose the opportunity to show your unique qualities.

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Thought for Today - Listen to People With Your Heart

Treat people how you wanted to be treated, listen to them with your heart. Hear and concentrate on their words and not only wait for the moment to share your own opinion. Be of help for those around you as it's shows your true and faithful intentions with them.

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Thought for Today - All is Abundantly Given

When you read self-help books or are searching for a new, successful job or lifestyle you most of the time will be advised to have positive thoughts and to repeat beautiful affirmations. But do you truly believe in what you repeat maybe 10 times a day?

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Thought for Today - Your Thoughts Create Your World

Your thoughts create your world but are you aware of what kind of thoughts pass your mind during the day? Do you perform with excellence in thinking the best, and feel capable of creating abundant ideas? Do you have trust in everything you believe in?

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