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Blogs Free Guide to Marketing Your Blog

marketing my blogHi, my name is Sarah Fenwick, I've been an online marketer and journalist for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many hundreds of ways there are to promote your blog.

This can lead to paralysis and indecision, can't it?


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Thought for Today - Improve Your Own Performance

To live a fulfilling life, always improve your own performance. It's not a matter of being better or more important than someone else but recognizing where you can expand your thinking and be more creative.

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Thought for Today - Live the Moment

When you never live the moment, you miss out the things that are happening now. You miss out all those miracles that unfold around you while you wonder in the darkness of your mind.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Blogging & Indonesian Dinner

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This Saturday’s event 'Guide to Promoting Your Blog' A presentation by Sarah Fenwick from Cyprus Newsreport followed by an Indonesian meal was yet another occasion that had me marveling at the incredible energy that is created when 15 open-minded, innovative people that have mostly never met before are put into one room - magic!

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Thought for Today - How Do You Deal with Others' Opinions?

What is more important for you to know ; what others find about you or what you think about yourself. How do you deal or what do you do with the opinion of others, does it have a big impact or can you see it as something they find/ think, not making it personal.

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Thought for Today - Bend Your Mind To Paths You Never Walked Before

Today think thoughts you have never thought before, asking yourself the question; 'how will I see this situation when I erase all my former experiences, what will I do when I don't expect already a certain outcome?'

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