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marketing my blogHi, my name is Sarah Fenwick, I've been an online marketer and journalist for over 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many hundreds of ways there are to promote your blog.

This can lead to paralysis and indecision, can't it?

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Thought for Today - You Are Worthy of Everything!

Are you going with the changes in your life or do keep yourself reminding about what was. Do you have the guts to experience new things or are you holding on to what you have? Life is about exploring your possibilities and using your ability to enhance your way of thinking, challenging your perception and enlightening your opinion.

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Thought for Today - All is Possible

What is your perspective to life, do you see things for what they are or do you understand that you see them most of the time from your (limited) point of view only? How do you perceive your circumstances, what do you think is possible right now?

Furious Curious Cancer Survivor Protocol

 The Furious Curious Cancer Survival Protocol no. II

431342_338761646158621_1851547743_nAm I a prescriptive kind of extreme persona with a closed mind? No, far from it.
However I believe that we would all benefit if we get hold of a book by a Scandinavian lady doctor called Kristine Nolfi, a pioneer of self healing who survived breast cancer by adopting a raw food diet. She was a children’s doctor in Denmark, the land of dairy farms,  who got a tumor in the 1950s and instinctively went on a raw diet and chose to live on the beach. All that sunshine vitamin overdose COMBINED WITH FOOD IN ITS NATURAL STATE was not even in fashion back then. She was probably aware of the work with raw food to restore health that was done in Switzerland for arthritis etc…
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Sunday morning with fairies, mooncats and unicorns

Sunday’s art exhibit with Kate Fensom was an event I’d been looking forward to for so long, and an event that we’d been ‘meaning to’ organize for even longer. In the end it of course worked out the way it was ‘meant to be’ - perfectly. I had been admiring Kate’s work online ever since we’d met at an exhibition in her hometown Paphos several years ago and was ecstatic at the thought of her beautiful fairytale work gracing my walls.
The artist arrived in Limassol  early to give us time to get ready for the event, schedule for 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. It was a gloriously warm morning that felt more like spring than autumn as we started what was to be a most perfect day, happily chatting and arranging my bright and sunny living room - Kate in charge of the paintings, sets of cards, puzzles.... me of the tables, coffee cups, cake plates...
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Thought for Today - The Power of Champions

Nothing beautiful or perfect happens in your life without you putting effort. Great achievements, success and contentment only enter your life when you consistently put practice and energy in all your actions.

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Bach flower remedies, human resources and art

And yet another weekend of a wonderfully eclectic selection of events. On Friday we learned about the benefits of using homeopathic, plant essence based Bach flower remedies, on Saturday we got tips on a healthy working environment and on Sunday we got to dwell in wonderfully mystical art.
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