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I am on the childrens' side - a poem for the children of Gaza

i am on the childrens' side.

i am not on the side of violence

or justifications for violence

i am on the little girl's side

the little boy's side

who wake up crying in the explosive dark

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Thought for Today - You Are So Much More

You are so much more than you think you are, can do things you never have done so far, are able to think different and act in unexpected ways. No one knows exactly your thoughts and is able to know your power as you are unique!

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IBS Business School (ICFAI Group) launches IBSAT 2014 Kit

IBS is a top ranked Business School in India. Today IBSAT 2014 Kit for Admission into MBA/PGPM Program 2015-2017 was formally launched at IBS Gurgaon.  Prof. Dr. O.P. Gupta, Director IBS Gurgaon, formally released the IBSAT 2014 kit (the 1st one among all universities to do so) and gave detailed admissions related information about all 9 IBS campuses. Dr.

Learn to write your first blog! Workshop and Talk by Editor, Journalist Sarah Fenwick

journalist sarah fenwickI'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my blogging experience with you at Art Bistro Agora in Limassol on Wednesday, September 20th at 7pm.

Soon you will be writing your very own blog.

I will take you step-by-step through the process of writing a blog, including tips on structure and style.

What are the practical benefits you can expect from taking part in the workshop?

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Thought for Today - the most important person in your life is YOU

The most important person in your life is YOU, as you are the center-point from which everything comes. You are the Creator of the unique reality you live and it's you who is the key to happiness and joy.

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Thought for Today - Life is the outcome of your thoughts

Life is not about getting what you want or hoping for the best as life is the outcome of your thoughts. How much abundant thoughts, faith and trust do you have. In what way do you honor your life and do you take care of yourself?

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Thought For Today - Be Selective With Your Influences

All has its own influence on you so your thoughts are shaped by the people you meet, your surroundings influences your moods and your experiences will change your thoughts. So be careful who you call your friends, be selective with what you watch, read or let have an influence in your world.

Time to Explore

androula's kitchenAfter my return from my stay in Cyprus a few weeks ago I felt very restless. I had felt a strong pull to stay there a bit longer this time as there is always so much I want to see and do that I never seem to have quite enough time in which to do it.

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