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Thought for Today - Only Your Fear Creates Anger

Don't expect back what you give, but give with your heart knowing that it is a gift to yourself. Don't fight with others as you understand that you battle against yourself. Don't envy what others have as you declare at that moment to have nothing for yourself.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Pizza Party Special Event

This weekend I got to ‘attend’ not one event, but two - I contributed some of the food and had a lovely time on both occasions. Friday’s Pizza Party was in support of a great cause – the Art Workshop Theotokos. The workshop introduces a number of Theotokos ‘Residents’ with various levels of ability and mobility to art classes for a few hours each week thereby giving them a chance to show off their creative talents and demonstrates their determination to play a role in society.
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Thought for Today - There is always another way to look at your life

There is always another way to look at your life. You may complain or think that what happens in this world is not fair. You may see your circumstances as a punishment which you think you don't deserve, forgetting you placed the label 'unpleasant' or not 'fair'.

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Ukrainian opposition leader pushes for support

A Ukrainian opposition leader has said that his country needs more than "vocal support" from the West and that he would push at a security conference for more active involvement to help resolve the current political crisis.

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Hollande's 'mistress' nominated for French film award

Julie Gayet, the actress reported to have had an affair with French President François Hollande, was nominated Friday for the French equivalent of an Oscar for playing a suspenders-wearing seductress in a humorous look at the French foreign ministry.

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Aishwarya Rai voted fourth most beautiful woman in poll

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been voted the world's fourth most beautiful woman in a recent poll conducted by online magazine 'Hollywood Buzz'. Rai ranked fourth on the list of 'Top 30' Most Beautiful Women after Italian actress Monica Belluci, American model-actress Kate Upton and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

The poll conducted in December 2013 saw more than four million people send in their votes selecting the most intelligent, desirable and successful women in 2013-14. The Indian model-actress, who recently turned 40, thanked her fans and admirers across the globe for the honour.

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Hollande, Cameron disagree on EU treaty, sign defence deals

Revising the European Union treaty is not a priority, French President François Hollande said after his first summit with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday. Cameron wants changes to the treaty before a general election in 2015 and has promised to renegotiate Britian's membership.

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Ukraine's president signs amnesty bill

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Friday signed into law a bill that grants amnesty to all detained protesters and approved the repeal of controversial legislation that has fuelled the mass riots in Ukraine. Yanukovych signed the bill into force despite being on sick leave over acute respiratory disease on Thursday, Xinhua reported.

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