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The President of the Republic Pays an Official Visit to Germany

The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, has been formally received by Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany where he is on a four-day official visit,,accompanied by the Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades, the Minister of Communications and Works, Mr Marios Demetriades, and the Government Spokesman, Mr Nicos Christodoulides.

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Thought for Today - Are You Listening Carefully?

How wonderful will it be when someone is really listening to you without interfering or the need to express their own points of view? Do you know your reasons to make conversation or how you listen to someone else. Are you listening carefully what people say or are you already formulating your own opinion.

A Jazz Singer's Tales - Old Tunes Played New

michalakis yiasemides

One of the highlights of Jazz Appreciation Month (April) was last night's event for International Jazz Day in honour of Cypriot musical prodigy Michalakis Yiasemides, who plays 30 instruments and introduced Jazz improvisation to the local music scene 50 years ago.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - The Bread Museum

bread museumLast Sunday’s bread baking event at the Plumisto Psomi bread museum with owner/founder Dorita Voskaridou had yet again a totally new, absolutely magical feel to it. And I figured out why - that place is so cozy and friendly with its light flooded rooms and its simple, practical style, one feels right at home. An especially enchanting feeling considering one is in a museum - albeit a museum filled with the warm, earthy energy of decorated bread covering the entire history of bread in Cyprus.

I had decided that it being a late Sunday morning, it would be the perfect time to welcome guests with a glass of sparkling wine which always gives such a festive party kind of touch to things.

A Jazz Singer's Tales - What Jazziquette?

Happy International Jazz Day, April 30th, 2014!

Something I learned long ago, from listening to live Jazz shows as I was growing up, is that the audience is expected to follow a certain jazziquette.

What is jazziquette?

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Thought for Today - Today is a Gift

How different will you live today when you know it will be your last day in this world. Will you continue doing the things you always do. Are you satisfied and content about your performance, your decisions and actions. Or will you realize that your fears are keeping you away of exploring your dreams, wasting your time, worrying for safety and security to keep what you even don't like anymore.

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Indian Cinema: Beyond the Boundaries of Bollywood

ZFF - Zurich Film Festival focuses on the development of a promising national film scene in its New World View section. This year’s guest country is India. Emerging from the shadow of the subcontinent’s mass cinema Bollywood tradition and enjoying growing national success is a young, independent film scene with productions that approach new themes with fresh narrative styles.

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Thought for Today - Take Control of Your Mind

Every time you worry, you give your power and control away. Every time your thoughts are keeping you from peace and harmony you forget that you are the Master of your mind. The only thing you may do to take control again is to return to the moment NOW.

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