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Dramatic developments on the African continent and their impact on South Africa’s automotive sector will be the focus of deliberations at the South African Automotive Week, at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, from October 14-16.

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Thought for Today - Energise This Moment

Be the best you can be right now, don't wait for later as better times can only appear when you energize this moment.

A poem for the soul

Rest in your perfumed sanctuary

Wait til the twilight falls

Soft as a bird's feather breast

Blue as a lost last kiss

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Thought for Today - Giving Your Best

Success and building a life you desire comes with discipline and making the effort to do what is necessary, persevering to give your out most best to it. Success just not occur out of the blue, it's just that what you activate, care for and maintain in your life that will multiply with discipline and your effort.

Cyprus - A Culinary Journey

 cyprus food

A new book about Cyprus is on the blocks and the marketing machine is well oiled and firing on all cylinders to get the word out. I have been following its progress with great interest on Facebook for nearly two years. I put my name down for a copy on the fundraising site Indiegogo about a year ago and received my copy last week. It is a beautifully presented hard cover book of generous scope including recipes, although there is only a modest amount, as the book really is about the essence and character of Cyprus and its food and food producers.

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Thought for Today - Observe Your Words

The way you experience your world is expressed in the words you use. Observe your words today, listen to what you say and be aware of your own reaction.

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Thought for Today - There Is Nothing You Can't Do

You are living your life to awaken from the illusion of your limited thoughts. All that you have may be an inspiration to use your unlimited potential. There is nothing that you can't do when you put your effort and focus to it.

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Thought for Today - There Is No One Like You

There is no one like you, no one can take your place, fill in your roles and be the person that you are. You are unique!

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