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Thought for Today - You Have More Power Than You Think

Everything that irritates you or what you call your problem contains the seed to sharpen your mind and may activate you to expand your creativity bringing change to it. The things that scare you show your false assumptions about the power you have.

Enhance Your Wellbeing with the Wellness Guidebook

Limassol, Cyprus

Many professionals of the educational sector as well as adult learners face working conditions characterized by a high level of emotional involvement and strong interpersonal demands. These conditions may lead to the burnout syndrome if people are unable to develop effective coping strategies and manage stress adequately. This evidence formed the basis of the European Lifelong Learning project called WELNESS - Skills for True well‐being.

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Thought for Today - Only You Can Change Your Life

Maybe you find 'life' in itself not so impressive or you don't see the purpose of giving your best while you have to die anyway. Maybe you believe in luck and coincidence, feeling a victim of your circumstances.

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A good reason for a party - launching a network

Saturday featured another almost ‘spur-of-the-moment event’. I had not spent a lot of time planning the launch party of Mary’s Network - simply because I didn’t know when I was going to be ready for it logistically. My network as such had been ready for a long time... for years actually as it has been growing steadily, drawing in more and more old and new friends connecting with each other.
Many other things have also been pointing me into the direction of creating this more formal framework. My new, much larger home for one has proven to be a perfect move - literally - opening the doors to many more new people and events, providing spare rooms which I am able to make available to members whenever needed.
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Weighing gains in FOREX trading instead of cooking ingredients

This Friday saw an event that had been suggested only a short while ago by dinner club regular Oliver who has recently started offering his services as ‘Trading coach Oli’ online and has been getting great feedback from traders.

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Balancing the flavours of the soul

Even though there was food this Saturday morning -
there always is at Mary’s - the main focus was on our spiritual wellbeing rather than on culinary delights.
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Thought for Today - Give A Gift of Love

Give everything today a gift of love, pay attention to the smallest thing, be thankful for what you have and listen to what people say. Be attentive and caring, have fun and laugh as on the moments you just relax, the best and genius ideas can appear.

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