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Thought for Today - Being Curious is Creating

It's not as much about 'learning' but about being curious and using your imagination what will develop a greater view, expanding your knowledge and deepening your wisdom.

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Mary's Dinner Club - No. 150, Swedish Dinner and The Big Suprise

mary's dinner club

Saturday’s Swedish evening was another milestone at Mary’s – event # 150! A fun and very interactive and educational event! Guests were given welcome drinks AND little pieces of paper to answer quiz questions at their arrival.

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Human Trafficking - Forced labour turns $150 bn in illegal profits each year: ILO

From sex workers to farm hands and maids, millions of forced labourers around the world generate $150 billion in illegal profits for their bosses every year, the UN's labour agency said. Nearly 21 million men, women and children are locked in forced labour -- many coerced into working as prostitutes, trafficked, or held in debt bondage and working in slave-like conditions, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Open your heart to Creation

angela egwimI am originally from Austria and have been living in Cyprus for the past 19 years. I have always kind of loved animals, grew up with cats, had a dog back in Austria. I also have my experience being afraid of snakes and spiders, disgusted by cockroaches and other crawling insects.

During my years living in Cyprus I have come across so much hurt, anger and frustration - and the level of it is growing with the number of dumped animals left to die.

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Thought for Today - Each Experience Makes You Wiser

When you think you don't have time enough, get earlier out of bed and do your unfinished tasks. If things seems difficult remind yourself that practice and repetition will make it simple. Your 'can't' and 'don't' initiate failure while everything you 'want to do' holds your hopes and expectations.

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Thought for Today - Avoid A Life of Regrets

Avoid a life full of regrets but live it with attention to all what you have and all what you may do. Count your blessings today, simply be grateful for your circumstances even when you think they are not ideal.

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Narendra Modi appointed PM, swearing-in on May 26

Narendra Modi, who steered BJP and the NDA to a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections has been appointed Prime Minister on Tuesday, ushering in a new era of a non-Congress government with an absolute majority on its own in 30 years. "I came to call on the President. The President has given me a formal letter (of appointment as the PM) and has invited me for oath-taking ceremony on May 26 at 6 pm as we had earlier decided," Modi told the media emerging from the meeting with the President Pranab Mukherjee.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Our Future Selves, Changes at Mary's

mary anglebergerNot surprisingly this Saturday’s event - our ‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020 Party’ at Hotel Londa - has turned out the biggest and most successful event in the 3-year history of Mary’s Dinner Clubs.

It is very humbling to witness the positive impact this evening has made! The whole scope of dinner clubs and the extent of its potential for being an island wide platform for really constructive and powerful networking became even more evident this Saturday than during any other previous event.

Dinner Clubs are always uplifting and positive occasions and bring about fantastic connections and friendships, but when open-minded, innovative people meet and are told to ‘dream big’, the dimensions change. The group energy, the mutual encouragement, the exchange that followed were absolutely awe-inspiring.

We enjoyed a welcome reception in the airy lobby of Hotel Londa where we were all able to admire each other’s glamorous outfits. After a group photo of 35 stunning looking guests we walked the red carpet into 2020, surrounded by photographers.

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