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Money talk and Swiss food

food cyprusSaturday’s Swiss Dinner and talk ‘Where money really comes from’ was yet again different in every way. A totally new topic that found great interest, several first-time guests and a much praised menu, that had undergone several ‘alterations’ between start and finish. 

Everyone had arrived on time - must have been the Swiss theme - and after a round of brief introductions all ten guests were comfortably settled down in the couch area. I had decided that our starters should be served on platters for guests to enjoy while listening to the talk - baked canapés with a four cheese - artichoke - spinach spread. The went beautifully with the dry sparkling wine with a drop of passion fruit syrup and everyone seemed very pleased.
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Thought for Today - Real Happiness is Being Who You Are

When you aim for happiness and wealth remember not to go anywhere but to open your heart to yourself being dedicated to bring out your faith, your belief in yourself in which you manifest space to receive all that you can't see yet.

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Thought For Today - Know Thyself

All words you use imply duality, when you talk about faith, peace and truth you have knowledge of their opposites. When you tell someone you love and care, you are aware of anger and fear. All what you say, understand and are aware of is filtered through the mind in which you make your daily choices so ask yourself; 'how conscious am I', realizing that the mind has its limitations of conditioning.

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Thought For Today - Happiness Is The Smile Given To You

inspirationHappiness and contentment are not reached through success and financial security. it's about the way you enjoy the smallest moments in your life being aware of what is going on around you and what is given to you when you didn't asked for anything. Happiness is the smile given without asking something in return, it's about feeling that you may be just who you are, in what ever happens being taken care of, being safe and secure.

Contentment is being OK with yourself finally knowing that your efforts to do or act better where about the importance you gave to someone else, comparing and judging yourself.

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Thought for Today - How Serious Are You About Your Dreams?

holisticInstead of hoping for the best or dreaming about a perfect future make yourself useful in this moment. Do what you have to do but not out of duty as all what appears as tasks or circumstances in your life are opportunities for development when you no longer resist what has to be done.

The more conscious you live being aware of your own actions, the more you will understand about the power you have to manifest just that where you are dreaming about. It's not about sitting back and thinking positive, repeating your mantra's or praying every day but all about taking responsibility for your own life.

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Thought for Today - Feed the Mind with Trust and Peace

cyprus blogIgnorance and stubbornness are the two enemies of growth not giving space to new ideas or allowing change to happen. Intelligence and wisdom initiates freedom in which you allow yourself to explore and discover all what is hidden in the unlimited potential you are.

Don't be frustrated or angry when people around you don't see or understand what you are already be able to comprehend as fear keeps them prison in their false ideas being safe and secure with what they believe and understand so far.

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Ujjayi breathing, yoga, and a healthy Sunday brunch

marys dinner club

Sunday’s introduction to yoga had us all - those with previous experience in yoga and those without - waiting in anticipation. We’ve formed a sort of ‘Kate Fensom fan club’ here in Limassol for our teacher. Kate had been at Mary’s exhibiting her enchanting art and doing her first impromptu poetry reading for us, then returning for a poetry event and now for an introduction to yoga.  I was jokingly saying to her ‘You could just have us stand on our heads for an hour and we’d still love you’.  


Kate’s wonderful character and shining personality make her the perfect teacher. Knowing her dreamy art of fairytales and imaginary creatures makes her explanations and demonstrations of yoga postures seem even more effortless. Just like for the poetry reading, we had the honor of being ‘firsts’ - the first yoga group since Kate usually teaches individuals. There were eight of us - all of slightly different levels, but all of equal enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Our teacher’s initial slight nervousness did not bother us at all, on the contrary, her honest way of telling us about it made her even more endearing.


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