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Thought for Today - Unlimited Thinking

You live the limitations of your mind as all your thoughts dictate the way you live. You can't experience greater or better when your mind is not capable of thinking bigger.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - International Women's Day Dinner

And since International Women’s Day fell on a Saturday… we just had to celebrate it with a dinner. I had been planning for a while to host an event together with ‘Mums in Cyprus’ - a really impressive and well networked Facebook group with a great website ( - and we decided this would be the perfect occasion. And it was!

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Mobile Phones of Missing Malaysia Airlines Passengers Ring

Mobile phones of missing Malaysia Airlines passengers rang when the families called them, according to the Chinese media reports. Family of an onboard Chinese passenger dialed his mobile phone number and found that it was ringing. However, nobody answered the call. A Beijing television news channel shows a man phoning his elder brother. The call connects but

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Thought for Today - Time Will Pass

The day will come that you don't see the sunrise anymore, time will pass without your notice and your voice is silent, no longer you will speak your truth.

Your life is a breath in eternity while you are on your way becoming aware of the consciousness of All.

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Thought for Today - The Greatness of Your Being

Every action of you in this world is a spiritual action as you are Spiritual Being living this human life.

Make right choice! Choose right way! Become a client right now!

Greek people can be called one of the most active on the planet. The Greeks are able to see the pros at any impossible place. For them, the dream of a wealthy life is very typical, however the Greeks want to get wealth quickly and easily.

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Thought for Today - Today You Are Blessed with Choice

Whatever you do today you are blessed with the opportunity to make a choice. With every choice you make you create an outcome to experience your power.

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President Barroso on the support package for Ukraine

The Commission met this morning to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The events of the last days have shocked us all and reminded us that principles that we cherish, like peace, cannot be taken for granted.

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