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Thought for Today - Listen to People With Your Heart

Treat people how you wanted to be treated, listen to them with your heart. Hear and concentrate on their words and not only wait for the moment to share your own opinion. Be of help for those around you as it's shows your true and faithful intentions with them.

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Thought for Today - All is Abundantly Given

When you read self-help books or are searching for a new, successful job or lifestyle you most of the time will be advised to have positive thoughts and to repeat beautiful affirmations. But do you truly believe in what you repeat maybe 10 times a day?

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Thought for Today - Your Thoughts Create Your World

Your thoughts create your world but are you aware of what kind of thoughts pass your mind during the day? Do you perform with excellence in thinking the best, and feel capable of creating abundant ideas? Do you have trust in everything you believe in?

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Mary’s Dinner Club Gets Fit

At Sunday’s event guests at Mary’s Dinner Club got a fit deal. In fact, they got ‘THE Fit Deal’ - a book presentation of an e-book by this catchy title. In it, author Suzanna Helena talks about her personal journey to fitness, about how she finally managed to find a type of exercise she liked and the time needed for it. After all - time, or rather the lack thereof, is the number one excuse for not exercising, being fit.
The numerous guests who attended seemed for the most part to be ‘on the right track’ with one guest being in exceptionally good shape at the age of 60, having made working out an integral part of his life. One guest had started a fitness regime thanks to Suzanna’s motivation in the social media, one was ‘in the process of getting organized’ as her job as dietician requires her to be fit and a good role model. Yet another guest was actually our speaker’s fitness buddy at their CrossFit workouts - Suzanna’s chosen way of staying fit -
a mix of aerobic exercises, gymnastic, and Olympic weight lifting.
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Networking ‘with a twist’ - literally

Friday’s First Mary’s Network Get-together was all planned and I was ready to welcome my 20 guests. However, it turned out things would end up not quite going according to plan. The interest in the event had been great and I was looking forward to starting off these meetings with many old and new friends, some already members of my new network, some looking to join. They came from amazingly varied professional backgrounds: photographer, psychologist, life coach, trading coach, piano teacher, acupuncturist, physician, housewife, PR manager, artist, herbalist, writer/editor, children's entertainer, retiree... coming from countries just as diverse. Photo: Julia Julip 

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Thought for Today - Think in Unlimited Ways

Most of the time you take the things you have and are around you for granted finding it normal to have them in your life. The health you have, the car you drive and the house you live in are part of the scenery of this brand new day.

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Thought for Today - What Thoughts Do You Think First?

When you honestly look at your own emotions like your anger and frustrations you will find all kind of destructive beliefs you have about your life.

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Thought for Today - Are You Excited About Your Talents?

Are you happy to be awake and can't wait to start your day. Are you excited about what you may or can do, using your talents and gifts? As long as you are healthy it's easy to take it for granted that you have all those possibilities and a future in front of you.

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