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Thought for Today - Take Yourself Seriously

Today take yourself seriously, be aware that your actions and thoughts are directing your life. When your life turns out to be miserable, observe your thoughts. Look at how you act, do and communicate. Ask yourself if you are a radiant example of success and motivation.

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Thought for Today - How Do You Respond to Difficulties?

What would you do today when your laptop is stolen, your phone breaks down and your car doesn't work. What would you do when you are dismissed from your job today, your partner leaves you and your house catches on fire?

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Industrial Technologies 2014 – high speed lift to excellence in innovation

For all the discussions over the past few months of European economies needing to reduce deficits and debt as well as stimulate economic growth, too little attention has been paid to an obvious advantage: innovation. In the long term, innovation is what drives cost reduction, higher employment, investment and ultimately, better living standards.

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Discover the alphabet of technology innovation at Industrial Technologies 2014 in Athens

Europe sees new technologies as the answer to economic growth, which cannot be achieved without a strong industrial base. New technologies have already transformed our ways of life on several levels - it is faster changing than ever. Who would have ever imagined fifteen years ago that school children are going to use tablet computers with touch screens, instead of the uncountable number of heavy school books.

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Industrial Technologies 2014 – making innovations count in Greece

Industrial Technologies 2014 is organised on April 9-11th 2014 in Athens, Greece.

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Thought for Today - Unlimited Thinking

You live the limitations of your mind as all your thoughts dictate the way you live. You can't experience greater or better when your mind is not capable of thinking bigger.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - International Women's Day Dinner

And since International Women’s Day fell on a Saturday… we just had to celebrate it with a dinner. I had been planning for a while to host an event together with ‘Mums in Cyprus’ - a really impressive and well networked Facebook group with a great website ( - and we decided this would be the perfect occasion. And it was!

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Mobile Phones of Missing Malaysia Airlines Passengers Ring

Mobile phones of missing Malaysia Airlines passengers rang when the families called them, according to the Chinese media reports. Family of an onboard Chinese passenger dialed his mobile phone number and found that it was ringing. However, nobody answered the call. A Beijing television news channel shows a man phoning his elder brother. The call connects but

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