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Thought for Today - Don't Rush Today

thought for todayDon't rush today as there is no time, be aware that you only fight with your illusions of being late, not being on time. Today be aware of what you are, eternally present!

There is only past and future in the limited mind and time will disappear as you finally enlighten the truth about your presence not being the mind. It's a deep realization of Self no longer identifying with all what matters not giving it a presence or form.

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Thought for Today - Only You Can Solve Your Problems

All the conflicts and problems you experience in life show the power you have. They are the driving force to use your creativity and leads to a greater connection with yourself. You only can sort out your own problems and all the additional help you maybe get will not take away the work you have to do to gain the insights and the understanding of the hidden dynamics of all your feelings and emotions.

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"Konbanwa" - Japanese food and cultural insights at Mary’s

So the food at Friday’s Japanese evening was... obviously... Japanese, provided by my friend Maria Antoniou-Kasapi who has recently opened the sushi take away ‘Umami Sushi and Noodles’ in Kiti, Larnaca district. The place is located on Archebishop Makarios street and has been running successfully, sartisfying the sushi cravings of Larnace citizens. It was an honor for us to get to try Maria's creations.
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Thought for Today - Stop Procrastinating or Making Excuses

All your actions and thoughts in life are leading to a certain outcome whether you like it or not. One deed leads to another and when you don't make an effort to change what you don't like you will end up with more of what you resist.

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Thought for Today - Take Care of Yourself

The way you take care of yourself represents what you think you deserve. When you can't spoil yourself of or give yourself the best you will be always searching for someone to give you what you don't give to yourself. When you look for someone to love you, to make you complete, to feel special, you forget that you are all of that.

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Thought for Today - Peace Is the Ingredient That Calms Your Mind

There is no space for peace in your mind when your life is filled with fear or anger of not being loved. Peace is the ingredient which brings balance, calming your mind in which you realize that it's not about reaching your personal goals like buying the car you always wanted, or getting the jewelry, job or house you wished for as feeling loved has nothing to do with eliminating your wishes or feeling safe with what you have but all about the care and respect you have for yourself.

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Insights into cosmetic acupuncture and an Asian feast

marys dinner clubI obviously love all my events - they are all totally different from each other - every time! Friday’s introduction to cosmetic acupuncture with Chinese herbalist and acupuncture therapist Christina Kylilis felt - and was - very special in yet another new way! Several ladies had expressed interest in the event quite a while back when they first heard about the existence of this ‘interesting alternative’ to Botox. 

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