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Set focus on what we want

angela cyprusThere is a lot of work done by a lot of wonderful people who open their heart to connect with the heart of animals.

I don´t think we can emphasize enough that the many volunteers out there, dedicating parts of their life helping to deal with the increasing number of unwanted animals on this island go beyond the doable almost each day.

Emgoldex. We are trusted in Greece!

Emgoldex. We are trusted in Greece!


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Thought for Today - It's All Up to You

As long as you want to find the truth about your existence, you forget that All exist in the awareness of your own Being. Nothing is there when you are not there, you give value and presence to All what is and the more you are aware the better you understand that you are always in control, giving importance or not to All that you let unfold in your life.

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Thought for Today - What is Fear?

What are your fears and are they real. Where are they built on and how do you deal with them? Realize that your fears are based on the things you have learned to believe to be 'true', your conditioning and upbringing in a certain community trains you to have fear so you behave and obey the rules of that group.

Clubbing for Cyprus - Fresh & Funky Returns to Cyprus

brian norman cyprusby Haji Mike

Fresh ‘n’ Funky’s Brian Norman is a seasoned R ‘n’b DJ who has won a MOBO award for his club promotions. He was one of the first people to run a successful club night in Ayia Napa for many years.

Founded in 1991, Fresh n Funky has been a popular mid-week club night in the West End of London.

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Thought for Today - Being Curious is Creating

It's not as much about 'learning' but about being curious and using your imagination what will develop a greater view, expanding your knowledge and deepening your wisdom.

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Mary's Dinner Club - No. 150, Swedish Dinner and The Big Suprise

mary's dinner club

Saturday’s Swedish evening was another milestone at Mary’s – event # 150! A fun and very interactive and educational event! Guests were given welcome drinks AND little pieces of paper to answer quiz questions at their arrival.

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Human Trafficking - Forced labour turns $150 bn in illegal profits each year: ILO

From sex workers to farm hands and maids, millions of forced labourers around the world generate $150 billion in illegal profits for their bosses every year, the UN's labour agency said. Nearly 21 million men, women and children are locked in forced labour -- many coerced into working as prostitutes, trafficked, or held in debt bondage and working in slave-like conditions, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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Are the authorities doing enough to prosecute those accountable for Cyprus' financial crash?: