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At Home with Pets – A busy week and a delicious recipe

animal welfare cyprusWell it’s been a busy week in the Georghallides household animal-wise. Last Friday Lizzy went for her surgery to remove 2 tumours. She came through with flying colours and you wouldn’t know she had anything done. From the second she came home she’s been back to her normal self and within 3 minutes of walking through the door she managed to crack her ‘cone of shame’ so I’ve spent the week taping it together again. The stitches come out on Monday and my legs can start healing from all the bruises. My punishment for making her wear the cone? Her bumping into me every chance she gets!

On Monday it was George and Ruby’s turn to meet the vet for the first time. For George I wanted my vet to get to know him (until now he was under another vet’s care) and to give me his prognosis for George.

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Thought for Today - Life Is In This Moment

Life can only be lived in the moment, worry gets you out of it. When you are scared to die or that loved ones will pass away, you can’t enjoy what you have and love the ones around you. Feelings of fear are keeping you from celebrating life while all what will happen in your life is initiated by you.

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Getting your feet (not) tickled at Mary's

As many of you will know, since my move to my much bigger venue back in October I’ve had the luxury of having extra rooms at my disposal. One of them has been turned into a therapy room - complete with massage table, soft light, candles... for my many therapist friends and dinner club guests.
I am happy to report that as of late the lovely room is being used more and more by equally lovely people. I like having good ‘healing’ energy around and yes, I love getting to try out treatments. Like last weekend when I got my first reflexology treatment ever by Susan Rudd who’ll be at Mary’s regularly from now on.
I had only heard about reflexology mostly due to the fact that I am simply not crazy about massages or treatments of any kind that involved strangers touching me. Even just the thought of getting my (very short) hair washed at the hairdresser’s has me cringe - reason why I usually wash it at home. So getting my feet massaged actually took some ‘convincing’.
So what is reflexology?
I actually read up on it before and found out: Reflexology is a complementary therapy that stimulates the natural healing ability of the body by the application of pressure to specific points (reflexes) found on the feet. Following injury, illness or stress, the body is in a state of imbalance and vital energy pathways can become congested and blocked. A trained reflexologist can detect these blockages. Skilled application of reflexology techniques can gently stimulate the natural healing ability of the body, allowing it to return to a state of healthy balance.

At Home with Pets – Mammary Cancer

anna georghallides petsWell this week has been pretty busy. To start with my computer’s hard drive decided to call it a day so I am typing this on a very slow machine with limited internet access so won’t have the blog I was planning on writing. I hope to have my computer back by next week so I can get back to normal.

Last Friday I noticed a couple of lumps on my lovely 9½ year old English Pointer Lizzy so today she is facing surgery to have them removed. Poor girl was found this time last year, starving and severely injured having been thrown (we assume) from a moving car with four massive tumours. She had obviously been used for breeding. Her bottom lip was completely detached and she had deep gashes all over her poor body. Had she not been found she wouldn’t have survived another day.

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Thought for Today - To Change Your Circumstances, Change Your Mind

When you want to change your circumstances you have to change your mind. It’s not about what happens out there but how you are able to see it different. You don’t need others to improve your life as long as you are aware that it’s up to you to deal with what is going on in your life.

Experience the Wonderful Tastes and Sights of Pedoulas

castania cherriesBlog Post Sponsored by Castania Fruits, written by Anna Stylianou.
If you would like to experience traditional Cypriot food and tastes of the Marathasa area, do not hesitate to visit Pedoulas otherwise known as ‘in the valley of the cherries’. It’s an ideal place to relax and it is surrounded by many other interesting small villages that offer traditional food and tastes.
Here are 10 things I love doing in Pedoulas:
1. When I visit Pedoulas in the summer, I like to stop at the Xrystarounda picnic site on the Pedoulas - Kykkos road, it is the place to escape the summer heat and enjoy nature!
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Thought for Today - Travel Light, Put Down Your Luggage

How many suitcases with worry and fear are you filling this morning to take with you on your journey today. How many pieces of luggage are you still taking on your shoulders every day thinking you can’t leave them behind? Today travel light… remember that it’s just a choice what to take with you, which ideas you keep on making true or what kind of conditionings you think you have to store in the suitcases of your mind.

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