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A Jazz Singer's Tales - My New CD Jazz Origins is a Dream Come True

sarah fenwick jazz singerI always dreamed of being a jazz singer, and 24 years ago, I started singing professionally and was lucky enough to be supported by many hundreds of people, including musicians, fans, venues, and the media. I thank every single one of them for being part of my journey so far.

Last month, I released my new CD Jazz Origins, written with brilliant guitarist and composer Marinos Neofytou, with whom I have developed a very creative musical partnership. This is our second CD as a duet, the first one was called Jazz Way and was a collection of standards and two original blues songs arranged by Marinos.

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Mary’s Dinner Club 2014 in Review

It’s been an ‘event-full’ year featuring nearly 60 events with lots and lots of amazing people! Thank you 2014 and thank you to all those who were part of it! It really is remarkable how many interesting people with impressive knowledge, talents and skills one can meet in our community.
It has been a real honor to welcome so many of them to my home, being treated to enjoyable evenings filled with laughter, good discussions and great insights and as always accompanied by good food and resulting in many, many wonderful new connections and friendships. Here’s to 2015 bringing together many more great people!
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A night of magic and musical therapy

As I was joking with friends, it’s because I’d been so good all year that I was treated to this absolutely magical Christmas present with my guests - a ‘private concert’ so to speak by the Hungarian-Moldavian harpist Alizbar and his group Ann’Sannat AND a sound therapy session
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Thought for Today - Be Kind To Yourself for Christmas

While you are busy to prepare for Christmas observe how much peace there is in your own heart. While decorating your house and buying presents, ask yourself how much care you take of your own life.

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Tendulkar named ambassador for 2015 ICC World Cup


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Elves and Fairies at Mary’s

This Thursday we got to enjoy a truly magical event at Mary’s  - an event that ‘just happened’ – on quite short notice. An acquaintance had asked me to help promote the upcoming Cyprus concerts (Dec 19-28) of the group Ann’Sannat with the renowned Hungarian harpist Alizbar Telyn which she is organizing.
I  was intrigued and agreed immediately. Harp music being something so soft and beautiful I knew that we were in for a treat, an escape during this busy time of year. And escape we did – into a world of fairies as for Alizbar the music of his Celtic harp is the music of fairies. His songs have titles like ‘Dwarf’s song in the hobbit hole’, ‘Out of time fairy tale’, ‘Fairy of melted snow’.
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Thought for Today - Honour and Respect Yourself

If you don't honor and respect yourself you will have a hard time to respect and honor others. When you don't love yourself, you have nothing to give to others as what you don't have, you can't give.

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