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Algerian plane carrying 78 crashes

A military aircraft carrying 78 people crashed in Algeria's mountainous northeast with just one survivor on Tuesday, in one of the country's deadliest air disasters, the defence ministry said. The C-130 Hercules aircraft, which came down in the Oum El Bouaghi region, was carrying 74 passengers -- soldiers and their families -- as well as four crew members, the ministry said.

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Hollande promises Americans to be 'friends forever' on US state visit

French President François Hollande promised Americans that the two nations will be "friends forever" as he started the first state visit of a French leader to the United States for 18 years. He was scheduled to spend most of Tuesday with US President Barack Obama with both leaders expected to give a joint press conference before an official dinner at the White House.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Tina Turner Tribute

This weekend was all about partying - party food and party music with the fantastic vocalist and Tina Turner Tribute Act Kaele Santosh. We had met ‘Tina’ before at an evening at Mary’s where guests had turned my balcony into a dance floor. Already back then we knew we want to see her again - we’d had so much fun being ‘on stage’ with her as back ground singers, dancers…

As we don’t have exactly balcony weather, I had arranged with the bar/café Sto Dromo to use their lovely venue. One guest had even offered to bring a smoke machine and a laser light… we moved some of the café’s tables outside and the disco setup was perfect!

I was in such a great mood at the prospect of getting to enjoy this fantastic show again, I got a bit carried away with my party food - I made 3 kinds of pizza, with red onions, mushrooms, olives, lounza, broccoli…plus my personal favorite Lebanese thyme pizza, chicken and vegetarian quesadillas, grain buns, pita chips and dips… a real feast. I had lots of fun taking photos of it all in the making and ‘playing’ with all the toppings.

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Thought for Today - Share Your Love Today

Share your love today with all around you, everything waits for your empowerment of love. Pour your love generously out, give to the needy and care about the lonely, embrace your circumstances and remember that everything brings you a new opportunity to experience life to the outmost.

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Swiss move to limit damage after EU migrant curb vote

Reeling Monday from a vote to cap EU immigration, Switzerland’s government and business community moved to limit the damage to trade ties with the big European bloc. Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter played down talk of a “Black Sunday” in ties with Brussels, after 50.3 percent of voters backed a referendum proposal to end a seven-year-old pact that gave equal footing to most EU citizens in the Swiss labor market. “We need to avoid that kind of language,” he told reporters.

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Flood warning for Thames as blame game rages

Thousands of homes in southeast England were braced for flooding on Monday after the River Thames burst its banks, as a political row over the handling of devastating winter storms erupted into the open. The Environment Agency issued 14 severe flood warnings - meaning lives are at risk - for the Thames in the affluent counties of Surrey and Berkshire to the west of London.

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Hollande’s visit to US sans first lady

France’s suddenly single president arrived Monday in the US for a state visit, hoping the glaring absence of his first lady won’t steal the limelight from his focus on major policy issues with President Barack Obama.

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Syrian opposition warns won't return for talks if no progress

The Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva for a second round of peace talks has warned that it would not return for a third round if no progress is made. "If there is no progress at all, I think it would be a waste of time to think about a third round," opposition spokesman Louay Safi told reporters late Monday.

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