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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Blogging & Indonesian Dinner

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This Saturday’s event 'Guide to Promoting Your Blog' A presentation by Sarah Fenwick from Cyprus Newsreport followed by an Indonesian meal was yet another occasion that had me marveling at the incredible energy that is created when 15 open-minded, innovative people that have mostly never met before are put into one room - magic!

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - The BIG 2020 Party

And since last weekend featured no event, I had time to prepare for the BIG party - a party that really started off on a whim. I still remember… it was past 11 p.m. when I was reading in Jack Canfield’s ‘The Success Principles’ about this ‘Come as the future you party’. Only about three sentences into the chapter I had decided ‘This is it! I want to organize a party like this!’

I had been ‘doing my homework’, reading inspirational and self-help books, setting goals, visualizing, planning ahead, thinking about where I want to be in 5 years… as instructed by my good friend and High Performance Coach Arthur Magoulianiti. He watched me soar on my high of enthusiasm for a bit, but when I told him that we really needed his guidance for this, he immediately agreed: ‘Sounds great. I guess I can’t say no.’ And so the ‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020 Party’ to take place on May 17th at Hotel Londa was born.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Jazz and Jazzy Snacks at The Roadhouse

cyprus blogsThis weekend featured yet another combination for an enjoyable evening - good food and live music. The pairing of jazz music with party snacks seemed especially tempting and was greatly enjoyed by the guests of the music bar ‘The Roadhouse Bar’ which is under new management and proved to be definitely worth a visit. They offer almost daily live performances and turned out to be a great venue for my first experience combining live music and food.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - 'On Healthy Cooking' Book Launch

Saturday’s event had been a long time in the planning - much longer than most other events. In fact, I’d had that special date of March 15th guests, the speakers, the logistics… It was new in many ways especially as I’d never had to plan my own book launch, think about where to put that many people, where to place my books.

It was thrilling to see a table with piles of my very own, newly printed cook book ‘On Healthy Cooking - Quinoa, Chard & Co made easy’ set up in the bright and airy entrance of 6x6 Centre for Photography. Working on the setup with the owners of the venue - Maria and Vassos Styliano - was easy and fun.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - International Women's Day Dinner

And since International Women’s Day fell on a Saturday… we just had to celebrate it with a dinner. I had been planning for a while to host an event together with ‘Mums in Cyprus’ - a really impressive and well networked Facebook group with a great website ( - and we decided this would be the perfect occasion. And it was!

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Mary's New Cook Book

This weekend was ‘event free’ with no dinner club and I dedicated it to organizing and promoting my book launch. Something I still have to keep saying out loud in order to believe it - I shall be launching my own book ‘On Healthy Cooking - Quinoa, Chard & Co Made Easy’ on March 15th.

It has been an exciting journey with many unexpected turns and lots of help from wonderful friends along the way. I have just seen the actual printed pages and the cover and looking at my pictures printed full-page on glossy paper had me speechless - how different from seeing them on your computer screen! The pages are currently being bound and by Thursday I will be able to pick up books at the printers with my pictures, my recipes and my name on them - something I can not quite imagine yet!

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Two Very Different Events

cyprus blogsThe past weekend saw two very different events. On Saturday we literally rolled on the floor laughing at a laughter yoga workshop followed by an Indian meal while on Sunday we were totally mesmerized by a talk with/by photographer Achilleas Zavallis on his work in war time Syria.

On Saturday we arrived at the JOY Project Center in Nicosia at 4:00 where owner and laughter yoga instructor Elina Papa was awaiting us in her lovely, spacious center.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Tina Turner Tribute

This weekend was all about partying - party food and party music with the fantastic vocalist and Tina Turner Tribute Act Kaele Santosh. We had met ‘Tina’ before at an evening at Mary’s where guests had turned my balcony into a dance floor. Already back then we knew we want to see her again - we’d had so much fun being ‘on stage’ with her as back ground singers, dancers…

As we don’t have exactly balcony weather, I had arranged with the bar/café Sto Dromo to use their lovely venue. One guest had even offered to bring a smoke machine and a laser light… we moved some of the café’s tables outside and the disco setup was perfect!

I was in such a great mood at the prospect of getting to enjoy this fantastic show again, I got a bit carried away with my party food - I made 3 kinds of pizza, with red onions, mushrooms, olives, lounza, broccoli…plus my personal favorite Lebanese thyme pizza, chicken and vegetarian quesadillas, grain buns, pita chips and dips… a real feast. I had lots of fun taking photos of it all in the making and ‘playing’ with all the toppings.

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