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French food, Russian tales and classical music


yiannis georgiouSaturday’s French dinner with British-Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou was one of those events that got booked early on. It is quite a rare treat to meet a professional classical musician, especially over dinner in the cosy setting of a private home and it seems a home cooked French meal is certainly a plus too.
In fact Yiannis had requested to keep his talk informal, as a ‘regular conversation’ with him answering the guests’ questions. A format we had used during a similar event with him two years ago. Then too we had French food and were preparing to join Yiannis a week later at the Rialto Theatre for his piano recital. 
I had bravely accepted 14 guests, the maximum I feel comfortable with for a full 3-course meal. Several of them were first time visitors at Mary’s, several of them guests I had not seen in a while. The welcome drinks took longer than expected as I just could not get them to stop talking/sit down, so involved were they in meeting, re-meeting, introducing... a fantastic atmosphere from the very start.
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Mary’s Dinner Club Gets Fit

At Sunday’s event guests at Mary’s Dinner Club got a fit deal. In fact, they got ‘THE Fit Deal’ - a book presentation of an e-book by this catchy title. In it, author Suzanna Helena talks about her personal journey to fitness, about how she finally managed to find a type of exercise she liked and the time needed for it. After all - time, or rather the lack thereof, is the number one excuse for not exercising, being fit.
The numerous guests who attended seemed for the most part to be ‘on the right track’ with one guest being in exceptionally good shape at the age of 60, having made working out an integral part of his life. One guest had started a fitness regime thanks to Suzanna’s motivation in the social media, one was ‘in the process of getting organized’ as her job as dietician requires her to be fit and a good role model. Yet another guest was actually our speaker’s fitness buddy at their CrossFit workouts - Suzanna’s chosen way of staying fit -
a mix of aerobic exercises, gymnastic, and Olympic weight lifting.
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Networking ‘with a twist’ - literally

Friday’s First Mary’s Network Get-together was all planned and I was ready to welcome my 20 guests. However, it turned out things would end up not quite going according to plan. The interest in the event had been great and I was looking forward to starting off these meetings with many old and new friends, some already members of my new network, some looking to join. They came from amazingly varied professional backgrounds: photographer, psychologist, life coach, trading coach, piano teacher, acupuncturist, physician, housewife, PR manager, artist, herbalist, writer/editor, children's entertainer, retiree... coming from countries just as diverse. Photo: Julia Julip 

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Cooking, teaching, networking - the joys of wearing different hats

mary anglbergerLike probably most hobby chefs, I am sometimes quite happy not to cook - until that cooking spoon starts itching in my hand again - usually after only a few days. And like most teachers, I always look forward to breaks from school to then be just as excited to be back in the classroom. The only thing I guess that never really ‘stops’ is networking as that is something that ‘just happens’ no matter where you are, not matter what you do. The desire to connect people who may be able to be of help to each other is always there – whenever I meet people, be it online, at my events or in the classroom.

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Mary’s Dinner Club 2014 in Review

It’s been an ‘event-full’ year featuring nearly 60 events with lots and lots of amazing people! Thank you 2014 and thank you to all those who were part of it! It really is remarkable how many interesting people with impressive knowledge, talents and skills one can meet in our community.
It has been a real honor to welcome so many of them to my home, being treated to enjoyable evenings filled with laughter, good discussions and great insights and as always accompanied by good food and resulting in many, many wonderful new connections and friendships. Here’s to 2015 bringing together many more great people!
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A night of magic and musical therapy

As I was joking with friends, it’s because I’d been so good all year that I was treated to this absolutely magical Christmas present with my guests - a ‘private concert’ so to speak by the Hungarian-Moldavian harpist Alizbar and his group Ann’Sannat AND a sound therapy session
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Elves and Fairies at Mary’s

This Thursday we got to enjoy a truly magical event at Mary’s  - an event that ‘just happened’ – on quite short notice. An acquaintance had asked me to help promote the upcoming Cyprus concerts (Dec 19-28) of the group Ann’Sannat with the renowned Hungarian harpist Alizbar Telyn which she is organizing.
I  was intrigued and agreed immediately. Harp music being something so soft and beautiful I knew that we were in for a treat, an escape during this busy time of year. And escape we did – into a world of fairies as for Alizbar the music of his Celtic harp is the music of fairies. His songs have titles like ‘Dwarf’s song in the hobbit hole’, ‘Out of time fairy tale’, ‘Fairy of melted snow’.
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A good reason for a party - launching a network

Saturday featured another almost ‘spur-of-the-moment event’. I had not spent a lot of time planning the launch party of Mary’s Network - simply because I didn’t know when I was going to be ready for it logistically. My network as such had been ready for a long time... for years actually as it has been growing steadily, drawing in more and more old and new friends connecting with each other.
Many other things have also been pointing me into the direction of creating this more formal framework. My new, much larger home for one has proven to be a perfect move - literally - opening the doors to many more new people and events, providing spare rooms which I am able to make available to members whenever needed.
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