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Mary’s turns classroom ‘Welcome chatterboxes’!

mary's dinner clubOn Wednesday we enjoyed a totally new event - a cocktail party for my adult English students from our ‘Chatterbox’ conversation class at Interlead Foreign Language Centre. The idea was to help students of English feel comfortable in a social setting using the language by inviting them to a cocktail party that welcomed the same number of native/fluent English speakers. And comfortable they were - and also very brave!
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Networking over gourmet sandwiches at Mary’s

Having been planned as a monthly event, Friday’s Second Mary’s Network Get-Together had had quite a few sign-ups initially, but as temperatures kept dropping and the carnival parties around town rising, these numbers went down again. As always I decided ‘It’ll be fine whichever way it works out’ and so it was - we ended up having an absolutely brilliant time.  

In the end there were ten of us, and as always, there was some lovely ‘reconnecting’ of people who had met elsewhere before. I was actually quite happy that some of the guests were not your typical ‘business networkers’, but fascinating retirees instead with a great sense of humor and of course lots of ‘connections’ and useful info to share. Beautiful proof of what I like to repeat ‘Networking will ALWAYS occur in one form or another when open-minded people meet’.
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Moonmoths, firebirds, Kate Fensom and other magical creatures celebrating Valentine’s at Mary’s

cyprus foodSaturday’s Valentine’s Dinner with a poetry reading by Kate Fensom was even more ‘romantic’ than we had expected. More romantic because of the small and cosy group. As it sometimes happens due to everyone’s our busy schedules, the group of guests kept ‘shrinking’. Fortunately I have by now learned to just ‘go with the flow’ trusting that things will turn out ‘just right’. 

Some of my favorite regulars did end up managing to attend and as I had said on Facebook: The joy of opening your home to people to introduce them to new friends and new food is the same regardless of numbers. If like on Satruday night only five of the intended ten guests end up being able to make it, it's because those five are meant to sit together till midnight (and some much later) to talk about 'beautiful things'.
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Mary’s gets food networked

food cyprusSo I love food and I love people and when I meet people who love food like me, a good conversation is guaranteed. And if you meet a guy like David Yiallouros, founder and chef at Mia Delicy, who loves food the way he does, the best thing that can happen to you is to get ‘food networked’. David and I met to put our food loving heads together and think of ways of collaborating - it was agreed that having my guests sample some of his amazing fare at my Second Mary’s Network Get-Together on February 20th would be a perfect start.  

As so many of us, I had been following the highly appetizing development of this unique Deli-style restaurant with interest and admiration. David’s passion for great-quality homemade food is literally dripping off his Facebook page and since the restaurant opened its doors in May 2014 the creation of new, innovative dishes has been going non-stop.

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Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Antoniou... performing at Mary’s

marys dinner clubSaturday’s event ‘Michael Antoniou Presents the Legends of Music’ brought together a true ‘fan club’ of the performer with several groups of 4 and 6 filling my spacious living room. The event had been planned several weeks ahead of time as Michael is quite busy, performing his collection of classics by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole... across the island.
I had seen Michael perform once before and was truly impressed by his powerful yet smooth voice. His performance becomes even more impressive when one finds out that Michael only started his singing career four years ago after having discovered his musical talents singing lullabies to his baby son which he later recorded so he’d be able to sneak out of his son’s room with the song still playing. The rest as they say - is history. He now knows over 80 songs and has performed at most of the big hotels on the island as well as at innumerable functions and parties.
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Mary's goes classical

marys dinner clubFriday’s Pre-concert Cocktail Party for Yiannis Georgiou’s piano recital was lovely - different from what had been planned, but lovely nonetheless. In fact for various (mostly logistical) reasons we ended up having a ‘post-concert cocktail party’ rather than meeting before the recital.
Most guests had already picked up their tickets for the recital so we just met at our wonderful third and fourth row seats of the Rialto Theatre. Fortunately we were all early, so our joyful greetings did not disturb anyone. Almost everyone had met for the first time the previous weekend at the French Dinner with Yiannis, but as always at dinner clubs, new friendships had quickly formed over good conversation and good food.
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French food, Russian tales and classical music

yiannis georgiouSaturday’s French dinner with British-Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou was one of those events that got booked early on. It is quite a rare treat to meet a professional classical musician, especially over dinner in the cosy setting of a private home and it seems a home cooked French meal is certainly a plus too. 

In fact Yiannis had requested to keep his talk informal, as a ‘regular conversation’ with him answering the guests’ questions. A format we had used during a similar event with him two years ago. Then too we had French food and were preparing to join Yiannis a week later at the Rialto Theatre for his piano recital. 
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Mary’s Dinner Club Gets Fit

At Sunday’s event guests at Mary’s Dinner Club got a fit deal. In fact, they got ‘THE Fit Deal’ - a book presentation of an e-book by this catchy title. In it, author Suzanna Helena talks about her personal journey to fitness, about how she finally managed to find a type of exercise she liked and the time needed for it. After all - time, or rather the lack thereof, is the number one excuse for not exercising, being fit.
The numerous guests who attended seemed for the most part to be ‘on the right track’ with one guest being in exceptionally good shape at the age of 60, having made working out an integral part of his life. One guest had started a fitness regime thanks to Suzanna’s motivation in the social media, one was ‘in the process of getting organized’ as her job as dietician requires her to be fit and a good role model. Yet another guest was actually our speaker’s fitness buddy at their CrossFit workouts - Suzanna’s chosen way of staying fit -
a mix of aerobic exercises, gymnastic, and Olympic weight lifting.
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