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A stylish weekend at Mary's


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Soul Art and Soul Food at Mary’s’s opening of Catt Kyriacou’s art exhibit and talk on soul art was a soulful affair - in every way. And a much anticipated one. Catt had been at Mary’s a week before to hang her wonderfully light and gentle work. The energy at Mary’s was absolutely transformed with paintings carrying titles like Pink Angel of Unconditional Love, Hope, Awakening Aphrodite, Regaining Balance...  gracing the walls.
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A new vibe at Mary’s

marys dinner club cyprusI hadn’t planned it that way, but then again, I always believe things happen the way they are ‘meant to’. We’ve had some great dinners lately, really good networking events, live music, a talk on the origins of money, one on Japan accompanied by sushi, a mini workshop on cooking with wild herbs and vegetables... and we have ‘Tina Turner’s’ performance just round the corner, but increasingly it’s ‘spiritual’ events at Mary’s.
What happens
No, we don’t stand on our heads all evening and chant oms, nor do we walk around wearing long skirts and enchanted smiles. It’s your regular dinner clubs with welcome drinks, introductions, lots of jokes and laughter, and the usual fun and totally eclectic mix of people of all ages, backgrounds and professions. It’s just that the topics of our guest speakers are increasingly of ‘spiritual’ nature.
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Celebrating 4 years of fun events and inspiring people

mary anglberger4 years of Dinner Clubs, 200 events, over 2.000 guests - it certainly does not feel like it. It all went so quickly, so naturally. And yet, it seems like a looong time ago that I held that very first dinner club with 10 friends and acquaintances who liked the idea of creaitng a place where one can make new friends over new food. I still remember every detail! 

How it all started
April 1st 2011: the menu was West African and several of the guests had come via the German charity shop where I was volunteering at the time. I had put white tablecloths and slightly raised straw placemats - bad idea... there went the red wine. I was stressed! Well, people still had a ball and the rest is history - 200 events later I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been hard work, but also an amazing experience of meeting and connecting an inspiring number of even more inspiring people!
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Money talk and Swiss food

food cyprusSaturday’s Swiss Dinner and talk ‘Where money really comes from’ was yet again different in every way. A totally new topic that found great interest, several first-time guests and a much praised menu, that had undergone several ‘alterations’ between start and finish. 

Everyone had arrived on time - must have been the Swiss theme - and after a round of brief introductions all ten guests were comfortably settled down in the couch area. I had decided that our starters should be served on platters for guests to enjoy while listening to the talk - baked canapés with a four cheese - artichoke - spinach spread. The went beautifully with the dry sparkling wine with a drop of passion fruit syrup and everyone seemed very pleased.
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Ujjayi breathing, yoga, and a healthy Sunday brunch

marys dinner club

Sunday’s introduction to yoga had us all - those with previous experience in yoga and those without - waiting in anticipation. We’ve formed a sort of ‘Kate Fensom fan club’ here in Limassol for our teacher. Kate had been at Mary’s exhibiting her enchanting art and doing her first impromptu poetry reading for us, then returning for a poetry event and now for an introduction to yoga.  I was jokingly saying to her ‘You could just have us stand on our heads for an hour and we’d still love you’.  


Kate’s wonderful character and shining personality make her the perfect teacher. Knowing her dreamy art of fairytales and imaginary creatures makes her explanations and demonstrations of yoga postures seem even more effortless. Just like for the poetry reading, we had the honor of being ‘firsts’ - the first yoga group since Kate usually teaches individuals. There were eight of us - all of slightly different levels, but all of equal enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Our teacher’s initial slight nervousness did not bother us at all, on the contrary, her honest way of telling us about it made her even more endearing.


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Networking over Lebanese favorites and small business start up advice

marys dinner clubFriday’s third Get-Together of Mary’s Network was another successful and generously sponsored event - always a treat for me as I get to ‘hang out’ more. Especially this time as it was over Lebanese food, featuring my favorite dish - Manoushe Zaatar - a thin pizza brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with a thyme-spice mix. Middle Eastern food is popular in general and certainly had our attention on Friday. 

Manoushe Lebanese Food & Bakery had sent us wonderfully arranged trays of their different kinds of food - Manoushe Zaatar, Manoushe Lahmatzoun, Manoushe chilli, Manoushe spinach and Manoushe Halloumi, Pizza, Kibbeh, Falafel and Fatoush - a true Middle Eastern feast! Even their desserts were included for guests to try - their Mahalabiya, Katayef and Walnut and Anari Shabiat.
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