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 I have had a bit of a break from blogging, partly due to lack of connectivity while away and partly due to that delicious unwound feeling. I haven't quite re-wound yet and I hope that lasts, a while anyway, but I did want to re-connect. I went away partly to relax but also to network a bit with the book, both manifested and the people I met helped re-charge my batteries so that was a nice rewarding circle. I have met so many lovely people through the book and it has proved to be a continuing source of enrichment.

Way to Go

cyprus blog

It has been a few weeks since I posted to this blog my apologies but I have been busy organising my next trip to Cyprus in a few weeks time. Last year I visited in April and it was spent in a bit of a whirlwind as I travelled here and there promoting my book as posted in 'My Promo Tour'. This year I want to take a more leisurely approach and enjoy the scenery a bit more.

However I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any venues that might want to take a few copies to sell as well as visiting contacts I have already made. Best of all my friend Elena Savvides of Orexi Cyprus has offered to host an author's lunch for me. This will entail most importantly some of her delicious food, she is a magician in the kitchen her speciality being Lebanese and Greek food as well as Italian. So my mouth is watering at the thought and as a sideline I will be on hand to sign any copies of AK CoP that people might want to purchase, not a bad way to spend an afternoon eh? If you are interested in a delicious lunch in the secret garden contact Elena direct we have arranged for it to be held on the 30th May a Friday.

Springing into Action


Well, Spring is definitely here in the UK now, the clocks have gone forward and there's no looking back. My garden is looking very jolly with the fresh greenery and yellow daffodils which always cheer after the drear of winter. Everything seems to put a terrific spurt on this time of year and plants spring up at such a rate that you would be forgiven for thinking that they are literally on springs. When the sun shines, as it is today, the light even has a clean freshness about it and of course we have more of it now the days are stretching out I feel I can also stretch out and breathe a little deeper. 

Mixed Relations

androullas kitchen

 I have just spent and hour writing a blog only to loose it all when my lap top suddenly quit. Hey Ho I will start again but it will not be as long. The main subject of my ramblings was around the subject of migration and immigration. The reason these subjects have been on my mind is because I had recently read an article on the internet about a scientific study done through collaboration of  UK and Germany from which data a 'genetic atlas' has been compiled. Not surprisingly it shows the Cypriot genome pops up in populations far and wide and in the Cypriot population it shows the DNA is made up of  26% Greek but also 20% Italian!! The article can be read here 

The Green Clean Lent Machine

green monday cyprus

Happy Green Monday everybody or is it Clean Monday? They are both employed to describe the Monday beginning the seventh week before Easter, also known as Ash Monday and Pure Monday all signifying the leaving behind of sinful ways and non-fasting foods at the start of Lent. In Cyprus it is delightfully celebrated as a day with family and friends all taking to the roads out into the countryside or to the beach with a picnic, creating what in the UK would be a Bank Holiday road jam. Kites are made and flown for the kids and even if you don't stick to the Lent fasting for the duration this day is still enjoyed by all. 

The Art of Friendship

art of friendshipI had the delightful experience last week of meeting for the first time, someone I had made friends with through my blog.

Sarah is a practising artist who lives in Holland married to a Dutchman, she is also a keen crafter. She popped over to the UK for a short break and was doing some walking over Lewes way in East Sussex, so decided to contact me to see if we could meet up. Initially she was keen to see the village where I live and particularly our community garden of which I often mention in my blogs.

Another One Bites the Dust

food on a plateWell the long prepared for day came on Saturday when I was due to give my demonstration/talk about Cyprus, food and crafts. I had been cooking up colocassi and shamali, skordalia and trahana, and gathering authentic Cyprus fare from far and wide...well London actually. With the help of my food writer  friend  Rosemary Moon we launched into the session with a humble offering of village salad to accompany the other delicacies, while Rosemary prepared some koupes I made my kieftedhes.

Tsakisstes were on offer with some yoghurt to accompany the spread and of course some proper halloumi to top it off. It was a pleasure to see a fully filled quota of people on the course and all had some connection to Cyprus either through relatives or from being stationed there while serving in the Forces.

I had made quite a few notes beforehand and surprised myself by enjoying the experience without chopping off any fingers or making a complete fool of myself. 

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