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Thought for Today - Let Your Light Shine

You only possess things when you can let go of them, otherwise they possess you.

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Thought For Today - Blaming Others Gives Them Power Over You

When you want to blame someone for things that happen in your life, be aware that you give that person the power to spoil your life. Being angry means that you have given your control away and all what makes you angry has power over you.

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Thought for Today - Acceptance

Look today in the mirror with no judgment or regrets, accept what you see. Be kind to yourself and remember that love is all about freedom, exploring your possibilities, not living the world's expectations but about doing the things that are right for you.

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Thought for Today - Don't Waste Today Complaining

Don't waste today with complaining as this day never comes back. Make it a day with no regrets, live it and use your full ability to commit yourself, spending your talents on a purpose that makes a difference in this world.

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Thought for Today - Take Good Care of Yourself

Do you take good care of yourself, are you surrounding yourself with an inspiring environment, pleasant people and work you love to do?

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Thought for Today - Give Joy To All You Discover

Put today in all what you do your heart, add your wisdom to all your thoughts. Give joy to all that you discover and empower your breath with gratitude.

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Thought for Today - BE The Difference

What will you choose to do when today is one of the last days of your life. Will you finally do what you really wanted to do for so many years, will you stop worrying, stop being concerned and getting out of this day the very best.

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Thought for the Day - Who Do You Have Around You?

What kind of people do you have on a daily base around you, who do you allow so close to be with you every day? Are they your inspiration, do you trust them, are they reflecting your power and creativity? Today, be aware and allow only those who uplift your mood, inspire you to be truly you and are activating your talents to go for the best!

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