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Thought for Today - Be Free of the Victim Role

How do you react when people shout at you, tell you lies or insist on forcing their opinion upon you. Does it make you upset and do you start to defend yourself? Today go simply beyond their words and recognize the need of other to be important and present in your life.

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Thought for Today - How Patient Are You?

How patient are you when you drive your car, how calm do you stay when people don't keep their promises, what do you do when your client cancels an appointment at the last moment or your kids refuse to listen to you? Is it easy to lose your temper and difficult to stay unattached?

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Thought for Today - What Is Your Goal Today?

What is your goal today, do you have tasks to fulfill, ideas to develop, a house to clean or people to take care of? As long as your passion guides you in all what you do, you will do a brilliant job.

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Thought for Today - Consciousness Does Not Need Thought

Who will you be without your past, how hopeful are you without a future? Your present thinking creates purpose and existence but realize that your thinking is a small aspect of consciousness as consciousness does not need thought.

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Thought for Today - Becoming One with the Universe

To understand eternity, divinity and awareness you have to start thinking out of the box .The conditioned mind can only realize it's own limitation of not fully comprehending those principles in time and space when it may give freedom to new ideas and change. Everything is just what you think it is and that means that you are the source to allow the potential of All to unfold.

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Thought for Today - You Make The Rules in Your Life

Nothing controls you as long as you don't think that it can control you. Nothing out there tells you how to live your life when you are aware that you have your free will to accept or to change your life, allowing things to happen or not.

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Thought for Today - Be Sure to Perform with Excellence and Passion

Today be sure to perform in all what you do with excellence and passion. Reflect you inner greatness in all your actions remembering that it's you who creates your future and no one else.

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