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Thought for Today - Do It With a Smile

Whatever you do today, do it with a smile, showing compassion in your actions, bringing kindness to all around you as in all the small loving things you do, you create a world of happiness.

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Thought for Today - Make It A Great Day

What are you going to do today. Have you thought of inspiring this day, being happy of living it, having the ability of making it a great day? Remember that you only have this moment today in which you plant the seeds for tomorrow and later, in which you control your happiness or boredom, your success or failure, your awareness or ignorance.

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Thought for Today - Be Aware of Every Moment

When you hope to reach a goal, to get a promotion or are waiting to receive the rewards of your efforts, you may easily forget to enjoy what you are doing being focused on results. All that you do andt hat happens in your life brings even more awareness and lets you discover and explore new things.

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Thought for Today - Dignity, Peace and Care

All your daily activities and situations carry the opportunity to show your growth and wisdom. Even the most simple act of you can be done with great dignity, peace and care.

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Thought for Today - Take Yourself Seriously

Today take yourself seriously, be aware that your actions and thoughts are directing your life. When your life turns out to be miserable, observe your thoughts. Look at how you act, do and communicate. Ask yourself if you are a radiant example of success and motivation.

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Thought for Today - How Do You Respond to Difficulties?

What would you do today when your laptop is stolen, your phone breaks down and your car doesn't work. What would you do when you are dismissed from your job today, your partner leaves you and your house catches on fire?

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Thought for Today - Unlimited Thinking

You live the limitations of your mind as all your thoughts dictate the way you live. You can't experience greater or better when your mind is not capable of thinking bigger.

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Thought for Today - Time Will Pass

The day will come that you don't see the sunrise anymore, time will pass without your notice and your voice is silent, no longer you will speak your truth.

Your life is a breath in eternity while you are on your way becoming aware of the consciousness of All.

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