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Thought for Today - Today is a Gift

How different will you live today when you know it will be your last day in this world. Will you continue doing the things you always do. Are you satisfied and content about your performance, your decisions and actions. Or will you realize that your fears are keeping you away of exploring your dreams, wasting your time, worrying for safety and security to keep what you even don't like anymore.

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Thought for Today - Take Control of Your Mind

Every time you worry, you give your power and control away. Every time your thoughts are keeping you from peace and harmony you forget that you are the Master of your mind. The only thing you may do to take control again is to return to the moment NOW.

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Thought for Today - Make Your Dreams Come True

Don't only dream but make your dreams come true. Don't wait for others to make your life perfect but get into action to get better results.

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Thought for Today - Improve Your Own Performance

To live a fulfilling life, always improve your own performance. It's not a matter of being better or more important than someone else but recognizing where you can expand your thinking and be more creative.

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Thought for Today - Live the Moment

When you never live the moment, you miss out the things that are happening now. You miss out all those miracles that unfold around you while you wonder in the darkness of your mind.

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Thought for Today - How Do You Deal with Others' Opinions?

What is more important for you to know ; what others find about you or what you think about yourself. How do you deal or what do you do with the opinion of others, does it have a big impact or can you see it as something they find/ think, not making it personal.

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Thought for Today - Bend Your Mind To Paths You Never Walked Before

Today think thoughts you have never thought before, asking yourself the question; 'how will I see this situation when I erase all my former experiences, what will I do when I don't expect already a certain outcome?'

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Thought for Today - Life Holds Wonderful Promise

Life holds this wonderful promise that you may explore and rediscover every day a bit more about what is possible in this world. The potential of your being gives endless opportunities when you are willing and making the effort of opening your mind, learning new things, reading other books and exploring all kinds of information on the internet.

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