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Thought for Today - Each Experience Makes You Wiser

When you think you don't have time enough, get earlier out of bed and do your unfinished tasks. If things seems difficult remind yourself that practice and repetition will make it simple. Your 'can't' and 'don't' initiate failure while everything you 'want to do' holds your hopes and expectations.

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Thought for Today - Avoid A Life of Regrets

Avoid a life full of regrets but live it with attention to all what you have and all what you may do. Count your blessings today, simply be grateful for your circumstances even when you think they are not ideal.

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Thought for Today - You Are Unlimited Potential

All the courses and workshops promising you wealth and happiness, are a waste of your time when you don't persevere in following your dreams, being determined to reach your goal whatever happens.

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Thought for Today - Accept and Receive

Don't 'try' to do things, but 'do' them, don't 'hope' but be determines to succeed as when you 'try' and 'hope' you send out a message in which you believe there is space for failure.

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Thought for Today - Live Your Wise Words

Are you behaving as a role model of faith and wisdom, living the wise words you speak about. When you put wonderful quotes of peace on Facebook, do you remember them when you live your daily life?

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Thought for Today - How Did You Start Your Day?

How did you start your day...... Have you thought of giving today your best intention, inspiring it with your greatest dedication as every morning is a miracle by itself. Every morning holds the promise of new creation, the darkness leaves to make place for a brand new day.

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Thought for Today - Live a Great Life

To live a great life you have to be present to hold focus on the possibilities of every moment. It's about making the decision not to do what you always have been doing, creating new visions while you recognize that 'life' and opportunities are everywhere around.

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Thought for Today - Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Are you ready for this week, excited to start again, having a desire to make a difference? Realize that to make things work you have to inspire them. 'Inspiring' means; to bring your spirit in...your inspiration is the essence of your clear desire to commit yourself to do what has to be done to make it till the end.

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