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Thought for Today - You Are Love

Have you ever realized that you learn most from the situations you don't like to be in. All what makes you think has a valuable contribution to your life, all what makes you feel (in any way) emotional adds an opportunity to make new choices. Only in the choices you make, lies the freedom of exploration.

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Thought for Today - Love Finds Perfection

For better and worse, in good and bad times, it's so eagerly and easily promised on your wedding day. But what happens when your partner gets sick and your world changes from having a bright future into many years of hospital routines.

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Thought for Today - Your Heart Erases Your Fears

Everything is filtered through your brain, your mind talks about good or bad, right and wrong, Your judgments are considered by the experiences you have. Maybe you think there is no escape but today concentrate on what you feel even though you also have learned to judge your feelings.

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Thought for Today - Give it Your Best

How much joy do you find in your work, can you find importance in what you do? Question yourself about what kind of influence you have in people's life. Whatever you do has always an effects on others, how you do it, is up to you and will be your own responsibility.

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Thought for Today - Do It With a Smile

Whatever you do today, do it with a smile, showing compassion in your actions, bringing kindness to all around you as in all the small loving things you do, you create a world of happiness.

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Thought for Today - Make It A Great Day

What are you going to do today. Have you thought of inspiring this day, being happy of living it, having the ability of making it a great day? Remember that you only have this moment today in which you plant the seeds for tomorrow and later, in which you control your happiness or boredom, your success or failure, your awareness or ignorance.

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Thought for Today - Be Aware of Every Moment

When you hope to reach a goal, to get a promotion or are waiting to receive the rewards of your efforts, you may easily forget to enjoy what you are doing being focused on results. All that you do andt hat happens in your life brings even more awareness and lets you discover and explore new things.

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Thought for Today - Dignity, Peace and Care

All your daily activities and situations carry the opportunity to show your growth and wisdom. Even the most simple act of you can be done with great dignity, peace and care.

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