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Ebola Explained - FAQ by European Commission

ebola cyprus
The current Ebola outbreak affecting the West Africa region is the worst such outbreak on record. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, calling for a coordinated international response. As of 10 October, there have been more than 8399 reported cases, including 4033 deaths from the disease (Source: WHO).

Pafos Mayor Savvas Vergas Arrested on Witness Intimidation Allegations

Pafos Mayor Savvas Vergas has been arrested on allegations he was involved in sending threats to witnesses in the land corruption trial against Theodoros Aristodemou, the owner of Aristo Developers.

There's a Whole Lotta Stuff Going On

cyprus eventsThis is now officially Autumn and with the weather cooling down in Cyprus the events calendar is hotting up!  It is carnival season of course but there are so many other smaller events that are taking place across the island that I keep reading about. Just today in my news feeds I've read about a a plethora of events in Nicosia alone: a photographic exhibition by a French photojournalist Barbara Laborde running at Peace Hall near Ledra Street, a Buffer Fringe Festival being held at the  the buffer zone, a new vintage cafe Verve Cafe Bistro is opening.

Italy Protests Turkey's Aggression over ENI Gas Drilling in Cyprus Seas

Italy has protested through diplomatic channels against Turkey's threat to send a drilling platform into the sea near Italian energy giant ENI's gas borehole in Block 9 of Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), says the Cyprus News Agency.

It's Time for Turkey to Choose - Europe or Extremism? Opinion

Turkey has bad relations with the Kurds and is at war with them, as its dismal record on human rights demonstrates. The Kurds are at war with the violent extremists ISIS, and have opened a war on two fronts - one with Turkey and one with ISIS, the Sunni group of terrorists that have committed atrocities on a level unseen since the Rwanda civil war.

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Thought for Today - Your Life Resonates with Your Energy

When you always look at what others have and doesn't give appreciation to what you have, you will always feel less or needy. The gratitude you are able to give to your own life is the inspiration for this Universe to give you more and better.

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Cooking with fresh herbs at Mary's Dinner Club

marys dinner club

This Saturday marked Dinner Club number 151 'Pairing herbs with food workshop with Miranda Tringis' - a very special number as Dinner Club 150 took place quite a while ago and after a short break I am ‘back home’ hosting my dinners in my private apartment. It feels really nice to be in that ‘living room setting’ again, especially as I now have a very spacious living room... spacious and with a layout that seems to be made for dinner clubs.

Most guests had actually seen my new home online, but still, without exception they stepped through that doorway with a big ‘Wow’ on their lips! How wonderful to get so much confirmation of your choice! It was a perfect one!
The setup for the event had taken me much longer than usual, not because of the size of the space, but because of my admiration for it - I kept walking up and down the hall, the living room, pacing the kitchen in awe mumbling phrases including words like, amazing, unreal, so perfect...

Beautiful Mosaic Found in Amphipolis Tomb, Macedonia

tomb amphipolisArchaeologists excavating the largest antique tomb ever found in Greece, in Amphipolis Macedonia, have discovered an elaborate and largely intact, floor mosaic.

The mosaic, 3 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, depicts a chariot in motion, pulled by two white horses and driven by a bearded man, crowned with a laurel wreath.

Hermes, the messenger of the Gods and guide to the underworld is depicted in front of the chariot.

Made up of many coloured pebbles, the mosaic covers the whole floor of the second chamber of the tomb – the one featuring the Caryatids. A circular part near the centre is missing, but archaeologists say that enough fragments have been found nearby to reconstruct it.

According to an announcement by the Hellenic ministry of culture on Sunday (October 12), the mosaic has been dated to the last quarter of 4th century BC (325-300BC), consistent with the initial belief that the grave contains the remains of a contemporary of Alexander the Great, the king of ancient Macedonia.

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