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Thought for Today - There Is Nothing You Can't Do

You are living your life to awaken from the illusion of your limited thoughts. All that you have may be an inspiration to use your unlimited potential. There is nothing that you can't do when you put your effort and focus to it.

My Name Is Spotty - A Dog's Story

cyprus blogsMy name is Spotty ... at least for about 3 months. The life before that I really have no memory of but somehow I feel it is better that way. It is like my brain protects me from something, so I believe whatever experience I had - it was not a good one.

About 3 months ago, I was hardly able to run as my one leg hurt and I could not control the position of my paw, I was moving along the road when something blinded me and came to a halt. It was a car and I did try running away but there was this great smell of fresh food reaching my nose and I could not resist. I had to turn back and eat it. I could not look fast enough and was in the car with no idea where I will end up - feeling totally scared.

Cyprus-Egypt Sign Gas Exploitation Deal

Cyprus and Egypt have signed an agreement to exploit natural gas, said Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis.

What do you think about the new laws tightening bank foreclosures?

President Anastasiades Returns Two Foreclosure Bills to House of Representatives

President Nicos Anastasiades said he has sent two bills linked with foreclosures back to the House of Representatives on legal gronds. This follows his decision to refer four other bills to the Supreme Court to rule on their constitutionality.

Cyprus-Jordan Sign Energy Cooperation Agreement

Cyprus and Jordan have signed an agreement to cooperate in the energy field, said Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis.

Govt Boosts Intelligence Service Amid Regional Threats

The government said it has approved a new law that boosts its intelligence service with a modernisation plan to handle the complex threats and challenges in the national and regional environment.

President Anastasiades Sends Four Foreclosure Bills to Supreme Court

President Nicos Anastasiades said he has sent four bills linked to new foreclosure laws to the Supreme Court to rule on their constitutionality.

Mr. Anastasiades signed eight of the 14 bills approved by the House of Representatives, but took legal advice on the remaining six new laws. His decision to forward them to the independent body of the Supreme Court was based on the desire to avoid confrontation with the political parties, he said.

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