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Turkey's President Erdogan Due in N. Cyprus on September 1st

erdogan cyprus(Edited) Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due in Turkish-occupied north Cyprus on September 1st, according to an announcement from Turkish-Cypriot officials.

Erdogan's visit comes ahead of the Turkish-and-Greek Cypriot leaders' reunification talks that had been scheduled for September 2nd, and is unlikely to boost good relations between the two communities due to his unpopularity here. The leaders' meeting has since been postponed, ostensibly because newly-appointed UN Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide is set to visit Cyprus September 2-4th.

DIKO Decides Against Foreclosure Bill - Threatens Next Bailout Installment

nikolas papadopoulosPresident Nicos Anastasiades has summoned DIKO chief Nikolas Papadopoulos to the Presidential Palace after DIKO decided to vote against the new foreclosure bill pending in the House of Representatives.

The bill is part of Cyprus' multi-billion-euro bailout conditions, agreed with the Troika in March 2013. Mr. Papadopoulos is against the bill on the grounds that it does not protect vulnerable borrowers. In related developments, the anti-foreclosure 'movement' is growing on social media, as new Facebook groups spring up like mushrooms.

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Thought for Today - Fall In Love With Yourself

Whatever happens in your life enjoy it, whatever doesn't appear you don't need. So have no regrets as they take you away from this moment in which you are a magnet for further abundance and joy.

'Spare Ribs' Comedy by Kathleen Ruddy Tours Cyprus

kathleen ruddy cyprusAs Edinburgh Fringe First Winners Rubber Ear Productions make preparations for a tour of The Devil Wears Primark in Britain, the writer, director and actor Kathleen Ruddy has squeezed in a tour of Cyprus with her new work, Spare Ribs which will be performed in Peyia, Paphos and Pissouri this October. Click here for tour dates.

The success of The Devil Wears Primark, which toured island-wide in September 2012 has sparked a great deal of interest from theatres in the UK keen to get the story of the matriarchal, controlling Cypriot mother-in-law Athenoulla onto their stages.

Just as Sex, Chips and Ouzo, (after three tours of Cyprus, participation in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glasgow’s Mayfest, The Glasgow Comedy Festival and extensive UK touring) warranted a re-write for the big screen. Kathleen will be joined on stage with Mark McDonnell and John Ritchie, both of whom toured with Rubber Ear in June last year with the popular Death Of A Playboy.

My First Blog - The Truth About Financial Issues

The following blog is by first-timer Chris C, who attended's workshop 'Write Your First Blog', held at Art Bistro Agora on August 20th, and hosted by Mary's Dinner Club. The event was inspiring and enjoyable, with writers of all levels taking part so they can communicate their passions, work, pastimes, and causes.

Finding the truth about financial issues is difficult!

Party Leaders Receive Death Threats Over Foreclosure Bill

The heads of Cyprus' major political parties have received death threats titled 'last warning' as they prepare to debate a new bill tightening up foreclosure rules on the island.

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Hawaiian Dinner Club the Vegan Way

art bistro agora

This Saturday’s ‘Hawaiian Dinner the Vegan Way with Dietician Anna Cortesi’ started off in an especially exciting way - with a video shoot by Costas Voniatis from Studio Voniatis. We had arranged the brand new prep kitchen of Art Bistro Agora to be at its most photogenic and I had set out the ingredients for our starter, a tropical salad, out in pretty little bowls.     

Everyone arrived on time and soon we were ready for our traditional round of introductions, enjoying the breeze of the ceiling fans and well chilled sparkling wine. Nationalities this time included: British, French, Italian, German, Israeli, Russian and Cypriot. Some guest had attended a dinner club before, some had even met before and some were totally new, but immediately integrated into the ever-growing family of dinner club fans. The introductions were fascinating and great fun with everyone being in a very relaxed and playful mood, ready for a new experience.  

Change of Seasons

cyprus blogHere in the UK today it's a Bank Holiday so of course it's raining, not just raining it's cold. I'm determined not to put the heating on as it is after all still August for goodness sake!! Instead I have got out a very thick cardigan from the cupboard and feel very much that our lovely summer is, if not over is on its way out.

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