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Thought for Today - Become Aware of Your Choices

All that happens in your life may bring you the experience to become more aware of the choices you make. You are not punished by life as you receive the circumstances in which you can recognize your power and wisdom but sometimes your anger will blind your point of view and your frustration will keep you in your victim role.

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Soul Art and Soul Food at Mary’s’s opening of Catt Kyriacou’s art exhibit and talk on soul art was a soulful affair - in every way. And a much anticipated one. Catt had been at Mary’s a week before to hang her wonderfully light and gentle work. The energy at Mary’s was absolutely transformed with paintings carrying titles like Pink Angel of Unconditional Love, Hope, Awakening Aphrodite, Regaining Balance...  gracing the walls.

Bank of Cyprus CEO Hourican Resigns, Cites Personal Reasons

hourican resigns

Just a few days after a controversial insolvency bill was passed by the House of Representatives, state-owned Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican announced his resignation, citing personal reasons.

Hourican wants to spend more time with his family in Ireland, and will leave the island shortly, after presiding over the bank in its time of deepest trouble and instability.

Employers and Industrialists Federation Calls for Deregulated Shopping Hours

The Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEV) have called on the House of Representatives to adopt a historic bill that would deregulate shop opening hours to a large extent, giving shops the option to stay open during weekends and until later in the day if they prefer.

Small Shopkeepers' Negative Mentality Limits Their Prospects - Opinion

Economic stagnation doesn't just happen by chance, it happens when the people who make up the economy decide to think in stagnant ways, like the small shopkeepers union, which is trying to prevent shops from having the option of staying open all week or late if they prefer.

Turkish-Cypriot Community Goes to Second Round of Elections

turkish cypriot electionsThe Turkish-Cypriot community will vote for their leader in a second round on April 26th, with the two front-runners being incumbent Dr. Derviş Eroglu (Independent) with 28.38 percent and Mustafa Akıncı (Independent) with 26.76 percent.

Once the new leader is elected, reunification talks will resume between the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot communities, which have been split since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied the island and enforced their political and cultural segregation.

What Do New Insolvency Laws Mean for Ordinary Citizens?

cyprus bankruptcy insolvency foreclosures

After months of debate, rising insecurity amongst borrowers, and concerns that the government would not be able to fulfill the terms of its bailout, the House of Representatives has finally passed the new insolvency laws. But what do they mean for the ordinary citizen, already belaboured by an uncertain job market and other financial threats?

President Anastasiades Meets PM Tsipras in Athens

President Nicos Anastasiades meets with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athens today, April 17th, one week ahead of next Friday's Eurogroup meeting.

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