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Merkel Promises Support To Families of Victims in Germanwings Crash

germanwings crashAs the search for survivors continues, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to stand by the families of those who died in a Lufthansa-owned charter plane crash in the south of France near Nice at 09:47 UTC, and said that all efforts would be made to find out the reasons for the accident.

At this time, everyone is in deep sorrow, said the German premier. In comments from Cyprus, President Nicos Anastasiades expressed deep condolences for all those lost, which included many children.

Hotel Companies Owe Millions to Forestry Department

hotels cyprusA number of high-profile hotels owe millions in back rent to the Forestry Department, including the Hilton Hotel and Dome Hotel, reports Phileleftheros.

The Hilton owes 1.8 million euros in back rent, and the Dome owes 1.17 million euros. The total amount owed by six debtors is close to 3.56 million, and the amounts have been pending because legal cases are now in front of the courts for recovery of the debts.

How To Write A Blog - Hint - It's Easy!

sarah fenwick bloggerMost of us have no problem at all talking to our friends about our passions, hobbies or businesses, but when it comes to putting pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard, suddenly we're faced with what seems to be a page full of doubts.

Will people like my writing? Will they care about what I care about? Will the readers be interested? Do I have something important to say?

Instead of a blank piece of paper or blog post, what we are now staring at is a list of all our invisible insecurities, starting with the one instilled by our English teachers of old - what if I spell something wrong and they all laugh?!

Central Bank Chief Yiorgadjis Testifies to Corruption Claim Probe

yiorgadjisGovernor of the Cyprus Central Bank Chrystalla Yiorgadjis is testifying today in front of Panyiotis Kallis, who is running the state law commission investigation into a new scandal involving Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Yiorgadjis and members of parliament.

Also testifying today is Stavros Zenios, a former member of the central bank's board, who told media that the country has been destroyed by the vested interests from powerful law firms, political officials and large businesses. Mr. Zenios said he could not comment on the current case because of a non-disclosure agreement he signed when he was a board member - he can testify in an investigation and to the House of Representatives (most of whom are lawyers) but cannot disclose central bank decisions to the press.

We Need More Action-Oriented Women - Interview with Inspiring Cypriot Women

yinalitheaThe Women's Conference YinAlithea, held in Limassol over the weekend, featured 15 inspiring women speakers, including Julia Constandinidou and Maria Kone. CNR wraps up this series of interviews with their insights, and wishes the organisers of YinAlithea much continuing success.

Julia Constantinidou

Co-founder of CIBN (Cyprus Independent Business Network) and founder CISN (CyprusIndependent Student Network)

1. Are women networking effectively in Cyprus?

Some women yes like Penelope & Heleniq, but most women no.

2. What is your number 1 tip for effective networking?

Interview with Zoe Christodoulides, Editor of MyCyprusInsider

zoe christodoulidesMany of you may already know Zoe Christodoulides from her journalism career at the Cyprus Mail, where she was a popular features writer before joining Action PR in Nicosia. CNR caught up with Zoe to get her insights into the new online magazine MyCyprusInsider, read on for the updates on her exciting new venture.

1. How did your career in journalism begin?

My career in journalism began nine years ago, as writer of the cultural pages of the Cyprus Mail newspaper, then going on to become Chief Features Writer for the Sunday Mail lifestyle section.

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Thought for Today - Don't Rush Today

thought for todayDon't rush today as there is no time, be aware that you only fight with your illusions of being late, not being on time. Today be aware of what you are, eternally present!

There is only past and future in the limited mind and time will disappear as you finally enlighten the truth about your presence not being the mind. It's a deep realization of Self no longer identifying with all what matters not giving it a presence or form.

Greek National Arrested After Paphos Murder Attempt

cyprus news paphos attempted murder(Edited) A 38-year-old Greek man from Chios has been arrested in Paphos on suspicion of the attempted murder of 35-year-old Limassol-based man Elias Mouzou on Saturday afternoon, after the victim was shot and seriously injured. Meanwhile, police have announced that they found the gun used in the attempted murder in Polemi.

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