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Athens Answers Eurogroup, ECB with Capital Controls, Public Holiday

greece capital controls

Followers of the Greek debt crisis woke up on Monday June 29th to the news that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced capital controls amid fears of a bank run, and - at the same time - a public holiday, meaning that the banks will be closed for one week, including July 6th.

Greek Man Arrested in Larnaca With 12.5kg Cannabis in Suitcase

A 55-year-old Greek man was arrested at Larnaca Airport after attempting to breeze through Customs with 12.5 kg of cannabis and 163 grams of cocaine hidden in his suitcase, said police.

The authorities arrested the 55-year-old and a 45-year-old for questioning.

Bi-communal Block Party Livens Up Nicosia Buffer Zone with Hip Hop

home for cooperation block partyHip-hop is not just a type of music or dance. Hip-hop is a unique mixture of cultures consisting of four elements; MCing, bboing, Djing and graffiti. On Sunday 7th of June, those five elements came together and formed a special event, the so called Beats 4 Unity and offered an extraordinary experience to the hundreds of people who attended. The first bi-communal, hip-hop, block party is an evidence that dance, music and creativity, could actually be the main ingredients of coexistence and cooperation, said the Home for Cooperation. Quote of the Week

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At Home with Pets – CPR/Heimlich Manoeuvre for dogs

animal welfareAs technology has failed me completely these last few days and I wasn’t able to get my blog out last Friday I want to share these life-saving videos with you. They cover CPR and the Heimlich Manoeuvre for dogs and is something all dog-owners should know.

I’ll be back to normal with Friday so apologies for this late posting and I hope you find these videos by Dr. Andrew Linklater of the Animal Emergency Center & Specialty Services, U.S.A as useful as I did.

Click here to view CPR How To videos.

Debt Deal for Greece This Week?

greece debt

Head of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem has raised new hopes for a Greek debt deal this week, according to his comments after Monday the 22nd's summit. 

Israel - Hamas Responsible for Possible War Crimes in Gaza

The UN has found both Israel and Hamas responsible for possible war crimes in Gaza during Israel's invasion of the area in 2014, according to a human rights report.

“The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come,” the chair of the commission, Justice Mary McGowan Davis told a press briefing today, adding that, “there is also on-going fear in Israel among communities who come under regular threat”.

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