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Govt Spokesman Resigns, Announces MEP Candidacy

Government spokesman Christos Stylianides has resigned in order to become a candidate in upcoming European Parliament elections, he said.

Arrests, Detentions in Cyprus over Travel and Credit Card Fraud

Europol said that 70 people were arrested and 113 detained in Cyprus and other countries in an international operation to track and locate airline travel fraud linked with human trafficking and the movements of wanted criminals and suspects.

Life Sentence for Ayia Napa Taxi Driver Killer

Taxi driver George Andreou, 35, has been sentenced to life in prison for the October 8th, 2013 murder of another taxi driver Pantelis Antoniou Ropa, aged 66, in Ayia Napa.

Greece Returns To Bonds Market - First Issue Oversubscribed at 17.8 Bln Eur.

Greece's return to the bonds market with a new five-year bond to raise 2.5 billion euros at a 5% interest rate has been oversubscribed to the tune of 17.8 billion euros, even after the country's notorious writedown of its bonds in 2011.

Springing into Action


Well, Spring is definitely here in the UK now, the clocks have gone forward and there's no looking back. My garden is looking very jolly with the fresh greenery and yellow daffodils which always cheer after the drear of winter. Everything seems to put a terrific spurt on this time of year and plants spring up at such a rate that you would be forgiven for thinking that they are literally on springs. When the sun shines, as it is today, the light even has a clean freshness about it and of course we have more of it now the days are stretching out I feel I can also stretch out and breathe a little deeper. 

So, Now There Are Rewards for Incompetence? Opinion

It would appear that incompetence is now rewarded, 265,000 euros in voluntary redundancy to be precise, according to the latest information about the circumstances under which former Central Bank chief Panicos Demetriades resigned.

Electricity Regulator Lays Down the Law

The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) has laid down the law on the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), saying that it cannot decide on electricity prices without CERA's approval.

President Anastasiades Meets with Eric Rubin

eric rubin cyprusPresident Nicos Anastasiades met with US Deputy-Secretary of State Eric Rubin at the Presidential Palace and discussed the Cyprus reunification talks.

The president discussed the confidence-building measures he proposed to the Turkish-Cypriot side, particularly the return of the occupied city of Famagusta in exchange for direct trade between the Turkish Cypriots and the EU.

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