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Meditation, Art, Charity and Cakes...

mary's dinner clubsLast weekend saw yet another unusual yet highly successful mix of events: A pranic healing prosperity meditation, an art exhibit and a charity afternoon tea.
Friday’s pranic healing prosperity meditation was simply beautiful and I was honoured to get to host it! It was lead by Chiara Perfetti who was visiting from Greece to give a pranic healing course at Glorious Cycles.

Cairo Declaration Is Under International Law - Spokesman

nicos christodoulidesThe 'Cairo Declaration' boosting oil-and-gas cooperation between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt is being conducted under international law, in contrast to Turkey's illegal incursions into Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, said government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides.

A new strategic alliance has formed between Cyprus, Egypt and Greece, amid discoveries of offshore oil and gas fields, and maritime border agreements between the countries' governments.

Rules of engagement

Right after the summit this weekend, Turkey made statements to the effect that its navy has been given instructions to stay nine kilometres away from the ENI-KOGAS drilling platform - which has the Republic of Cyprus' permission to explore for hydrocarbons.

Watch! The Week Video News November 10-16th, 2014

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New Strategic Alliance Between Cyprus, Egypt and Greece

A new strategic alliance has formed between Cyprus, Egypt and Greece, amid discoveries of offshore oil and gas fields, and maritime border agreements between the countries' governments.

Hydrocarbons Are A Prerogative of a Cyprus Federation - UN

barton eide cyprusUN Special Advisor Barth Eide said that after his talks with all sides, it is clear that hydrocarbons are a prerogative of a future Cyprus federation state, and that he is working hard to bring the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriots back to the negotiating table.

The envoy said it is too early to comment on a formula for the negotiations on hydrocarbons, and that his main message is that both leaders “ agree that hydrocarbons will be a part of the shared future of a united Cyprus and it will be a federal level competence."

Cyprus Unemployment Falls to Annual Low in October 2014

The number of unemployed persons fell to an annual low of 41,334 in October, from a record high of 53,204 in February 2014, said the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT).

According to Finance Minister Haris Georgiades, unemployment is on a declining course, and the recession has completed its cycle due to economic reforms and stricter control of public finances.

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The beauty of Austrians, their cakes, their photography

Sunday’s event was created ‘on a whim’ when a fellow Austrian told me she wanted to launch her photography business Conny Kasparis Photgraphy specializing in people photography and natural portraits. We came up with a ‘plan’ right there and then. She was only free on Sundays, we both like baking Austrian cakes... The event ‘Austrian Kaffee & Kuchen with a complimentary portrait by Conny Kasparis’ was born.
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Astrology and pumpkins for Halloween

What an amazing variety of events we got to enjoy this weekend - and yes, I do mean ‘we’ as several guests actually attended two events and one couple even all three - an introduction to astrology, a cocktail party and clothes shopping and an Austrian coffee and cake afternoon with a free portrait.  That’s in part thanks to my new home - super spacious and yet cosy. So perfect – people feel right at home!
We thus kicked off the weekend with Friday’s Introduction to Astrology with Al Davidian - an event which had seen quite a few bookings from the very beginning  - it appears to be a topic that continuous to have many wonder about how it actually ‘works’. So much so, that despite the early 7:30 start, everybody was right on time and literally jumped for a spot on my big couches the moment I suggested we settled down.
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