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Networking over gourmet sandwiches at Mary’s

Having been planned as a monthly event, Friday’s Second Mary’s Network Get-Together had had quite a few sign-ups initially, but as temperatures kept dropping and the carnival parties around town rising, these numbers went down again. As always I decided ‘It’ll be fine whichever way it works out’ and so it was - we ended up having an absolutely brilliant time.  

In the end there were ten of us, and as always, there was some lovely ‘reconnecting’ of people who had met elsewhere before. I was actually quite happy that some of the guests were not your typical ‘business networkers’, but fascinating retirees instead with a great sense of humor and of course lots of ‘connections’ and useful info to share. Beautiful proof of what I like to repeat ‘Networking will ALWAYS occur in one form or another when open-minded people meet’.

Greece's Proposal 'Trojan Horse', Says Germany - Eurogroup Crisis Talks

eurogroup greece germanyThe Eurogroup and Greece have reached an interim agreement to extend the current bailout deal for four months and negotiations are continuing on the 23rd of February when Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has to submit a list of reforms. In earlier comments, Germany's finance ministry has poured cold water on Greece's appeal for an extension of the current loan deal with the troika, saying it is a Trojan Horse and demanding that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stops rolling back the laws passed as part of the country's 240-billion-euro bailout.

Q&A with Founders Sarah Fenwick, Pawel Mandalian

sarah fenwickIn 2009, (CNR) was launched to fill a gap in the media market, a gap shaped like an independent, quality source of accurate journalism, with an extensive blogging platform for enthusiastic writers.

Sarah Fenwick and Pawel Mandalian founded CNR with a simple vision: to make the media more accessible to writers who need mainstream exposure, and to provide balanced reports on current affairs and breaking news.

What do the founders have to say now that it is 2015? Read on for a quick Q&A with Pawel Mandalian and Sarah Fenwick (pictured above).

'We Identified the Right Person', Says Committee on Missing Persons

george phoriThe Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) said it had correctly identified the remains of George Phori, after coming under heavy fire from heartbroken family members for possibly mis-identifying the Greek-Cypriot man from Assia, who was killed and dumped in a mass grave in a well during the Turkish invasion.

"I would like to begin by expressing our sympathy to the Phori family and assure them of our full support," said CMP member Paul-Henri Arni.

Mr. Phori's bones had been mixed with others in the mass grave, and most of the remains had been removed, making it a long and difficult identification process, he said.

Corrupt Ex-Mayor of Paphos Gets Six Years in Prison

vergas six yearsThe ex-mayor of Paphos Savvas Vergas (AKEL) has been sentenced to six years in prison for corruption and money laundering, along with his accomplice in the SAPA sewerage board Eftychios Mallikides.

Vergas will be placed in witness protection after threats to his safety, said the state attorney's office. Ironically, Vergas himself was initially arrested after it was proved he threatened a witness in his corruption case.

The former mayor accepted bribes for municipal construction contracts and land deals involving Aristo Developers, whose owner Theodoros Aristodemou is on trial for allegedly submitting misleading official documents on 177 plots of land in Skali, Pafos.

The Real Cost of Cyprus' Depositor Haircut

cyprus haircutIn 2013, I was singing in Limassol one night when a good friend of mine in her early sixties came up to me during a break and we started talking about the deposit haircut that had just shaved 60 percent of peoples' deposits in Bank of Cyprus.

With tears filling her blue eyes, my friend said she didn't know what to do, as her savings had simply vanished overnight and the majority of the retirement funds that she'd worked for her entire life had simply been taken by the government, the rest were sitting in a blocked account. I was shocked and saddened by her bad news, and felt terrible about the difficulties she now faces. 

Greece Set To Reverse Bailout Laws, Ask for Loan Extension

tsiprasGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that on Friday he will submit bills reversing several bailout laws which he claims are responsible for increasing unemployment and serving the 'oligarchy', including a bill that would restore three-year collective bargaining rules. Another bill would prohibit the sale of bank loans to distressed debt funds, and protect homeowners' property, said the left-wing premier, adding that he would keep his election promises to get the troika out of Greece.

Anti-Tank Rocket Used to Murder Crime Boss Guard - Arrests Made

alexoui cyprus

(Edited) In a shocking new development in the highly-publicised criminal career of Alexis Mavromichalis - aka Alexoui - his guard 28-year-old Stefanos Papadopoulos was murdered with an anti-tank rocket fired at his car in Nicosia late at night on February 17th. In the latest developments, two suspects have been arrested and will appear in Nicosia criminal court, said police.

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