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Massive Increase in Casualties in Rafah After Israeli Strikes - UN

"We are now looking at a health and humanitarian disaster, the fighting must stop immediately." The UN Humanitarian Coordinator, James W. Rawley, 2 August

The United Nations is reporting a massive increase in civilian casualties in Rafah, a city on the border between Egypt, Israel and Gaza. Israel subjected the area to the heaviest bombardment since the beginning of the ground invasion, following the suspected kidnapping and death of an Israeli soldier. 

The Week Video News August 3-10, 2014

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Cypriots Evacuated from Libya On Greek Ship 'Salamis'

Twelve Cypriots have been evacuated from Libya on the Greek navy frigate 'Salamis', said the foreign ministry, following its travel warning earlier this week.

There is nothing shield-like about a child - Opinion

"What we are witnessing is the killing of entire families, and of children in the street either playing or trying to find safety. Waves and waves of ordinary people continue to flee their homes as the already weak infrastructure in Gaza caves in under the relentless bombardment." UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, 31 July.

Members of the press have been hearing messages from both sides in the outbreak of war in the Gaza Strip. Israel claims that Hamas uses children as human shields and puts this forward as justification when a child dies in Israeli army artillery fire. And Hamas militants keep using the tactic of putting children in the firing line, in true terrorist fashion.

Time to Explore

androula's kitchenAfter my return from my stay in Cyprus a few weeks ago I felt very restless. I had felt a strong pull to stay there a bit longer this time as there is always so much I want to see and do that I never seem to have quite enough time in which to do it.

Israeli Attack on UN School in Gaza 'Shameful' - UN Chief Ban Ki-moon

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"The shelling and bombing of UN schools which have resulted in the killing and maiming of frightened women and children and civilian men, including UN staff, seeking shelter from the conflict are horrific acts and may possibly amount to war crimes. If civilians cannot take refuge in UN schools, where can they be safe?" UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.

(Edited with ceasefire details) UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has condemned an Israeli attack on a UN school in Gaza where children were sheltering, saying that nothing was more shameful than attacking sleeping children.

Six New Promising Potential Natural Gas Fields - Minister

Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis said that research is promising on six new potential offshore gas fields in Blocks 2,3, and 9; Onosagoras; Zeno;Kinyras; Amathusa; Evagoras; and Praxando.

Cyprus Businesses Have Highest Private Debt Levels in EU - President Anastasiades

Cypriot entrepreneurs and businesses have the highest level of debt in the EU, with 60 billion euros outstanding in loans, said President Nicos Anastasiades.

The crisis has exposed borrowers to a lack of cashflow, and the banks have much higher interest rates than other countries in the EU, said the president.Banks are currently so risk-averse that they prefer to pay fines from the Central Bank than to lend to businesses, he said.

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