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Cyprus Through The Eyes of Travelling Artists - New Art Museum In Old Nicosia

Undiscovered Places in Old Nicosia

catherine cornaroI sit in Balthazar Cafe/Restaurant, located in the newly-opened Centre for Visual Arts and Research (CVAR) in Nicosia old city. Of immediate interest is my dish of warm lentils, which turn out to be deliciously cooked in fresh tomato sauce, carrots, peas, plenty of pepper and topped with spicy arugula leaves.

I stumbled on this lovely place by accident while driving around in the old city looking for lunch and spotting it on a side road near Theatro Ena and Melina Mercouri Hall.

After lunch, I put my stuff in a locker next to the gift shop and paid three euros to walk around the museum part of CVAR. What a great journey! There are hundreds of exhibitions, paintings, costumes, books, figures - all dedicated to Cyprus.

I walk into the large first room on the ground floor, full of sketches by travelling artists who passed through the island through the centuries. In the centre of the room are large drawers that you open to discover pristine Cypriot costumes from the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot traditions.

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Freeing your Voice at Mary's Dinner Club


Last Saturday’s ‘Free your voice’ event with journalist and jazz singer Sarah Fenwick had us not only relaxed over delicious food, but also over correct breathing. We were given an introduction to the role nerves, breathing and the diaphragm play when we are talking/getting ready to talk/or are simply in front of people.
I had been looking really forward to welcoming this particular group of guests as I had a feeling they’d all get on especially well - and I was right. All of them were more or less regulars at Mary’s and yet had never managed to meet. And meet they did - over lots of laughter and discoveries of things in common. As always the different nationalities - British, Finnish, Russian and Cypriot - added for extra stories, anecdotes and jokes and the atmosphere was amiable and fun. 

Putin Backs Russia 'De-offshoreisation' Law

putinPresident Vladimir Putin has backed a de-offshorisation law that would force Russians with offshore companies to pay taxes in Russia, reports Reuters.

The law now has to pass the Duma.

"The law considers establishing a mechanism for taxation in the Russian Federation of incomes of controlled foreign companies, if these companies do not distribute their incomes for the benefit of Russian entities," according to a statement from the Russian government.

I reach

I reach                                                                By Juliette Dickstein & Sarah Fenwick
In my deepest, darkest moment I reach out to you
…in silence, (in) stillness.      Alone.

A poem for the soul

Rest in your perfumed sanctuary

Wait til the twilight falls

Soft as a bird's feather breast

Blue as a lost last kiss

Jazz & Blues Singer Sarah Fenwick Releases New Single 'Love's Incurable'

jazz singer cyprus

Renowned jazz and blues singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neofytou have released their new blues single 'Love's Incurable' on iTunes. Click here to buy the tune.

Taken from their duet CD 'Jazz Way', the song is an original blues tune in the Delta blues style, stripped down to the bare chords and voice in the genre made famous by the one-and-only US songwriter Robert Johnson.

Featuring lyrics by Sarah Fenwick, and arrangement by Marinos Neofytou, 'Love's Incurable' has the raw smoothness that characterises the duet's sound, which one fan described as being like silk brushing against sandpaper.

Jazz Singer Sarah Fenwick Enters Made In New York Jazz Competition - Represents Cyprus

News from Sarah Fenwick
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Sarah Fenwick enters Made In New York Jazz competition. Register and Vote for her entry 'There's Something Missing', an original song from her new duet CD 'Jazz Way' with Marinos Neophytou:



Sarah Fenwick Releases New Video Clip 'Black Orpheus'

Gifted Jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neophytou have released a stunning music video for the classic Jazz tune ‘Black Orpheus’ (A Day in the Life of a Fool), composed by Brazilian guitarist Luiz Bonfa.

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