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    Brexit and Cyprus – President Anastasiades Calls for Calm

    Cyprus supports EU institution – govt. spokesman. UK will be third country to EU after exit – Juncker. President Nicos Anastasiades has called for calm and coolness in the wake of the Brexit vote, adding that Cyprus’ relationship with the UK has already been significantly deepened and there are legal agreements under the Commonwealth association […]

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    Thought for Today – The Present Moment

    The more you want to control your life the less you have understood that life itself only reflects what already has been. To control life you need to be in the present moment in humble acceptance of what is and in this way you may create a different future. The more resentment, the more your […]

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    Brexit Leaves Global Markets in Shock – Analyst

    FXTM Vice President of Market Research, Jameel Ahmad, comments on the Brexit outcome leaving the global markets in a state of shock: The financial markets and spectators across the globe are in a complete state of shock following the unexpected outcome to the EU referendum that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. […]

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