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New Desalination Plant in Episkopi

Cyprus has signed an agreement with the M.N.- Limassol Water Co. consortium for the construction of a desalination plant in Episkopi which will cover the water needs of Limassol, said the government today.

The Limassol Water Co. is made up of the Israeli company Mekorot Development and Enterprise Ltd and the Cyprus company Netcom Ltd. The plant will provide 40,000 cubic metres of desalinated water per day with the provision to expand to 60,000 cubic metres a day. The desalination contract is for 20 years and government will pay €0,8725 per cubic metre.

The agreement was signed by the Director of the Water Development Department Sofoclis Aletraris, Giora Gutman of Mekorot and Adamos Adamides of Netcom.

The construction of the plant will begin immediately and it is set to start operating by 2011.

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