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The Age of Petulance - Opinion

petulanceFrom this observer's perspective, it is not the Cyprus government's greatest hour, indeed when we look back on this period in ten years time we would not be out of order in describing it as the Age of Petulance.

In the midst of the most serious recession this country has ever seen, the heads of political parties DIKO, Evroko and EDEK are boycotting important meetings about economic measures that are now a matter of extreme urgency. It is sheer petulance and naughty-child attention getting behaviour to refuse to attend a meeting, and reminds one of EDEK's recent refusal to attend a reception welcoming UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon to Cyprus.

Not only do they not want to go to the meetings, but they don't want to go to the party either - why don't they just stay at home so that effective people can take their places?

If it's isolation they want, there's nothing easier - resign and go home! Because this country needs real leaders, leaders who will inspire the people who are working like dogs to try to get the economy on track. Everyday people - farmers, taxi drivers, office workers, shop workers - all of those people are struggling to feed their families with unemployment threatening them from day to day. Last month the unemployment rate rose by eight percent to 22,533 people without jobs compared to February...and EVROKO et al will not go to the meeting?

Who do they think they are?


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