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New Bi-communal Nicosia Sewerage System

The Cyprus government has secured a 68 million euro loan to construct a new Nicosia sewerage treatment system to serve the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot communities.

The loan comes from the Development Bank of the Council of Europe and the treatment plant will be built in the village of Mia Milia near Nicosia. The new sewerage plant will solve serious environmental and operational problems in the Nicosia sewerage system caused by outdated technology which still in place, and it will be a relief for the residents of various suburbs of the capital as well as the northern Turkish-occupied part of the capital.

The loan provides for 21 million euro for the construction of the new bi-communal plant, 24 million to complete the tarmac on certain roads in greater Nicosia and 23 million for the partial funding of the sewerage system in other areas of Nicosia. The total cost of the bicommunal plant is estimated at 26,5 million, of which 21 million will come from the Republic of Cyprus.

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