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Flight Disruption Continues for Seventh Day

flight disruptionCyprus Airways has cancelled 14 more flights in the wake of airborne volcanic ash that has caused European airports to shut down for the last seven days.

The flights to London, and Amsterdam will not fly today, although flights to Italy and Israel are airborne, said the airline, which estimates it is losing 300,000 euros per day due to the flight ban.

In the last week, over 300 flights to and from the island have been cancelled, affecting over 70,000 passengers. However, hope is rising that the crisis will be over in the next few days; Cyprus Airways said it is slowly resuming normal operations and has begun some flights to the UK (Manchester). 

In Europe, limited flights have resumed and London airports are likely to open later today.

The Eurocontrol air traffic agency in Brussels said it expects some 55 to 60 percent of flights over Europe to go ahead.


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