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Trio Presidency Meet on Education

androulla vassiliouCommissioner Androulla Vassiliou is meeting to discuss future education priorities with the 'trio presidency' of Cyprus, Denmark and Poland, set to hold the presidency of the EU from July 2011 to December 2012.

Androulla Vassiliou is the European Commissioner responsible for education and culture, and she will discuss future policy priorities at a meeting with Andreas Demetriou, the Cypriot Minister of Education and Culture. They will be joined by the Polish Minister of National Education, Katarzyna Hall, and the Director-General of the Danish Ministry of Education, Torben Kornbech Rasmussen.

The meeting, held at the initiative of Commissioner Vassiliou, is an opportunity for the 'trio Presidency', as it is known, to exchange ideas on their political programme during their period at the helm of the EU.

"Good preparation and coordination are key for ensuring that we deliver results," said Commissioner Vassiliou. "The Commission will work closely with the Polish-Danish-Cyprus Presidency in all areas of my portfolio. One of our main priorities will be the implementation of the new 'Youth on the Move' initiative, aimed at improving learning mobility, employability and social integration.

"This period will also coincide with crucial discussions on the future EU budget, so it's important that we discuss policy priorities now," she added.


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