• cyprus easter
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    Greek Orthodox Easter Traditions – Happy Easter

    Greek Orthodox Easter symbolises the renewal of life through Christ’s love and His resurrection after being crucified. The most moving tradition is on the night of Easter Saturday when the Holy Light is passed on to the faithful during the midnight mass. Many Orthodox Christians travel to Jerusalem this time of year to see the […]

  • cyprus jazz
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    Jazz is Multicultural Music – Five More Reasons to Love Jazz

    The Jazz genre is a multicultural baby born from European Classical music and West African Blues and Spirituals. Without the passion of the Blues, there is no Jazz ‘feel’, and without the Classical composition side, Jazz loses its interesting complexity and structure. This is perfectly illustrated by one of the first Jazz compositions – the […]

  • death penalty cyprus
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    Cyprus Against Death Penalty – Health Minister

    Cyprus, like other EU member states, is strongly against the death penalty because it undermines human dignity and any mistakes in the justice system are irreversible once someone has been executed by the state, said Health Minister George Pamborides at a recent UN summit. This position applies especially as regards drug-related offences, he said. “We […]

  • news cyprus
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    Power Struggle over National Council, Reunification Talks

    There is a power struggle between DIKO head Nikolas Papadopoulos and President Nicos Anastasiades over the National Council, which monitors the reunification talks between the Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot communities. After several leaks of sensitive information about the current negotiations, Anastasiades decided to meet with party leaders and National Council members on a personal basis rather than […]

  • cyprus economy
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    Cyprus Ports to Increase in Competitiveness – Minister

    Cyprus ports will increase in competitiveness after private investment participation, said Transport Minister Marios Demetriades in response to questions from opposition communist party AKEL. AKEL’s chief Andros Kyprianou sent the minister a letter asking for more information about the privatisation. In the letter he asserts that the costs of running the ports will increase after […]

  • death penalty cyprus
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    #Trashgate – Interior Ministry Files in ‘Chaos’ – Minister

    The filing system and archive in the Interior Ministry is in chaos, said Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos in comments to the media after evidence of the landfill tender process was finally ‘found’ in the depths of the ministry. An estimated 50-60 million Euros could be clawed back from the Helector and Enviroplan, the companies involved […]

  • cyprus blog
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    How to Blog with CNR News Club to Build Your Reputation

    A blog can build your reputation and create more opportunities for your future. CyprusNewsReport.com started in 2009 with a simple idea; making the mainstream media more accessible to writers, activists and everyday people who need exposure for their ideas and work. The competition in most industries is brutal, even PhDs are unemployed, so what makes […]

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