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Milk Prices 137% Above EU Average - Report

milk prices cyprusCyprus food, beverage and tobacco prices in 2009 were 10 percent above the EU average, with milk, cheese and eggs priced at an incredible 137% above the average, according to a report by Eurostat.

The price level of a comparable basket of food and non-alcoholic beverages was more than twice as high in the most expensive EU27 member state than in the cheapest one. Denmark was nearly 40% above the EU27 average and had the highest price level.

Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Germany and France were between 10% and 30% above the EU27 average. Italy, Cyprus, Sweden and Greece were up to 10% above the average, while the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Malta and Portugal were up to 10% below, according to the survey.


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