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Cyprus Population Rises 1% in 2008

The population in the government-controlled areas of Cyprus rose by 1% to 796,900 in 2008, according to the latest demographic report by the Cyprus Statistical Service.

The rise is due to new births and migration. Other findings include:

· In 2008 the number of births totalled 9.205 compared to 8.575 in 2007. The total fertility rate, which gives the mean number of children per woman was estimated at 1,46 in 2008 and has, since 1995, remained below the replacement level of 2,10.

· The number of deaths reached 5.194 in 2008 compared to 5.380 in 2007.

· The expectation of life at birth is estimated at 78,3 years for males and 81,9 for females for the period 2006/07.

· In 2008 the number of marriages decreased to 13.395 from 13.422 in 2007. Ecclesiastical marriages decreased from 4.444 in 2007, to 3.293 in 2008, and civil marriages increased from 8.978 in 2007 to 10.102 in 2008.

· In 2008 the number of divorces reached 1.639 from 1.648 in 2007.

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