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Refugee Sues Government for 10 million

cyprus refugeesA Greek-Cypriot refugee from Famagusta is suing the government for 10 million euros in lost revenue over the last 36 years, said

Thomas Kaoulas told the court that he successfully rebuilt his business in the government-controlled areas after the Turkish invasion in 1974 with great difficulty after losing his property in Famagusta. However, his firm suffered a downturn and he blames the government for refusing to give him crucial permits that he needed to modernise his business. Kaoulas said he became deeply indebted and could no longer afford to pay VAT or social security for his employees. He was subsequently arrested for VAT offences.

The plaintiff said the government must share the burden of responsibility for the consequences of the invasion and occupation of the island and for the circumstances which led to his family's impoverishment.


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