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Cameron 'Angry' at Delays in Turkey-EU Talks

cameronBritish Prime Minister David Cameron said he was angry at the slow pace of Turkey's EU membership negotiations, saying that Britain "knows what it's like to be shut out of the club."

Speaking in Ankara where he is meeting with the Turkish political leadership, Cameron said "when I think about what Turkey has done to defend Europe as a Nato ally, and what Turkey is doing today in Afghanistan, alongside our European allies, it makes me angry that your progress towards EU membership can be frustrated in the way it has been."

In comments reported by the BBC, he said that Britain supports Turkey's EU accession and criticised resistance to the talks on the basis of religious or cultural differences.

Turkey started accession negotiations in 2005, but since then only 11 out of 35 negotiation chapters have been opened. Eight chapters were frozen following Turkey's refusal to recognise the Republic of Cyprus and open its ports to Cyprus traffic.


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