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Arrested Bank Robbers Leads in Crime Wave

Two Georgian men who were arrested in the act of robbing a bank in Limassol could lead to new arrests in the wake of several bank robberies over the last two months, said a police spokesman.

The two men had entered a Bank of Cyprus armed with a shotgun, aiming to rob the bank, when they were tackled by a retired police officer and several bystanders. After being taken into custody and questioned, police said the two men were connected to other suspects in a recent crime wave.

The suspects managed to steal 10,000 euros from the bank before they were arrested, said police. They were trying to get away on a powerful motorcycle when the retired policeman blocked their way, delaying them until the police arrived.

The 23-year-old and 27-year-old suspects were driving a motorcycle that was stolen on August 3rd, said police.

"Crime has to stop here and now," said Andreas Demetriades , one of the citizens who caught the robbers. "Tomorrow it might be my house that is robbed, or my relative's house."

Demetriades raised the alarm when the two suspects entered the bank intent on robbery.

"When they came out of the bank the motorcycle did not start - so they began running away on foot. I caught one of them and others chased the second one," he said in comments on Sigma TV news.


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