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Cavusoglu Angers Garoyian - Opinion

House President Marios Garoyian has kicked up a big fuss over the fact that Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe President Mevlut Cavusoglu actually visited the Turkish Cypriots while he was on the island.

Garoyian will report him to PACE for 'acting like a Turkish official' and meeting with Turkish-Cypriot officials which would 'imply a state entity'.

Once more, in this reporter's opinion, the government needs a reality check. Cavusoglu cannot give the unilaterally-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus legitimacy by his mere presence, because he is not a head of state. Secondly, if every person who crosses the Green Line gets criticised, then Garoyian will have a lot of criticising to do. Although I'm sure he won't mind doing that when Anastasiades goes over for his regular meetings with Turkish-Cypriot politicians...

People cross over on a daily basis; thousands and thousands of people from the island and abroad. It is the height of hypocrisy for Garoyian to target PACE's president just because he is Turkish. And it shows a pettiness and peevishness that does not reflect well on the government.

Let's remember every so often that the government should be showing its own ability to be responsible for the Turkish-Cypriot community. After all, government policy is that it is responsible for the whole island - so why don't they start arranging diplomatic meetings between visiting officials and Turkish- Cypriot leaders within the government-controlled areas? It's not because there is not contact between the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot political leadership - there is constant contact, particularly between trade and teacher unions, for example.

And if they attempt to make the arrangements, and fail, then the Turkish-Cypriot leadership will have to accept once and for all that it - and it alone - is responsible for its 'isolation'. But this stale approach of condemning every foreign official - including European Commission members - who crosses the Green Line is simply getting the government nowhere fast.


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