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Urban Upgrade on Kamyli/Hisarkoy Village

undp cyprusThe urban upgrading of the village of Kampyli/Hisarkoy has been completed under the EU-funded “Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community, said the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
The project had two main objectives: the improvement of the water system (completed in
October 2008) and the upgrading and rehabilitation of the village main square (completed in November 2010).

“The works for the upgrading of the main square were part of a series of pilot projects
undertaken in small villages in the northern part of Cyprus to increase awareness of the
importance of preserving traditional architectural patterns and techniques. By celebrating the completion of this project, we are sharing the responsibility with the villagers for its sustainability. We hope that this project will serve as an example for other villages seeking to preserve the tradition and originality of their infrastructures,” says Tiziana Zennaro, UNDP-PFF.

“This project is one of the many funded by the European Union in the northern part of Cyprus
that aim to revitalise the traditional patrimony to the benefit of residents and visitors of the
countryside. This is done in full respect of the underlying principles of the European Union to
rural development which aims to make rural areas more attractive for living and visiting”, says
Alessandra Viezzer of the European Commission.

To reinforce the message of traditional pattern preservation, new local natural stones were
used to repave the main square area and the accessibility to the square for pedestrians was increased. The façades of local shops and houses were renovated and modern value was added to the traditional style, said the UNDP.


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