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Road Rage Stabbing - Nicosia

A 50-year-old Nicosia man is in surgery after he was stabbed in the stomach by a 46-year-old man in an apparent road rage incident, said police.

At around 1am this morning, the men were driving on Alexander the Great street in the capital when the 46-year-old cut off the car in which the 50-year-old was a passenger. The 46-year-old jumped out of his car and ran over to the other car - which was being driven by a 35-year-old woman. He then stabbed the passenger with a 15cm long knife in the stomach. The attacker then immediately ran back to his car and escaped, said police.

The 46-year-old was arrested later this morning and has been remanded for six days.

Police are investigating the case and have not confirmed the reason for the stabbing - the names of those involved have not yet been released.


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