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Cypriot Press Headlines Jan. 21

These are the Greek-Cypriot newspaper headlines January 21st, and Turkish-Cypriot headlines January 21st:

Alithia newspaper: Headline: "Closing the Door to New Offerings" refers to the government keeping its cards close to the chest after dramatic developments in the story of supplying Cyprus with natural gas.

Other news: visiting US official Philip Gordon said that after his meetings with both leaders, his impression is that a solution is still distant.

Politis newspaper: Headline: "Canadian Military Base in Cyprus" refers to Canada's request that Cyprus host its troops after problems with its Dubai facilities. The government has given its approval, says Politis.

Other news: Islamic nations are troubled by the Cyprus-Israel Exclusive Economic Zone agreement, saying that the embargo on the Turkish-Cypriot community should be lifted.

Simerini newspaper: Headline "Explosive atmosphere at Omonia-Apoel Derby" - authorities are on high alert ahead of tomorrow's football game.

Other news: Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides gave a lecture at the University of Cyprus on balance in the labor market'.

Philelftheros Newspaper: Headline: "EAC Faction in DEFA" refers to frictions over Cyprus' natural gas supply. Meanwhile, Russian giant Gazprom has moved to take a role in Israel's natural gas market.

Other news: UN Special Advisor Alexander Downer is in Turkey for a meeting with Ahmet Davutoglu, seeking support for reunification talks since it seems Eroglu is not very helpful, says the paper.

Xaravgi newspaper:  Headline "Last Effort Before Geneva," refers to the last leaders' meeting before January 28th, when they are set to meet in Geneva with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

Turkish-Cypriot Press Headlines Jan. 21st (source PIO)

Daily Afrika (21.01.11) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader, Dervis Eroglu received yesterday Philip Gordon, US assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasian affairs. The meeting took place at the “presidential palace”. No statements were made.

Bayrak television (online, 20.01.11) reported that there is intense diplomatic mobility in occupied Cyprus to the Geneva summit. Accordingly, the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu received the Swedish, Finnish and Danish Ambassadors to Cyprus, at the 'presidential palace.'

During the meeting, views were exchanged regarding the latest phase in the Cyprus negotiations Eroglu informed the Ambassadors on the Turkish sides’ views regarding the process. The meeting was held behind closed doors and no statements were made.

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (21.01.11) reports that Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu had a meeting yesterday in Ankara with United Nations Secretary-General's Special Adviser for Cyprus Alexander Downer. The meeting, which lasted 2 hours, was closed to the press. According to Turkish Foreign Ministry sources, there was a broad of exchange of views regarding the meeting in Geneva on January 26.

Davutoglu, who was briefed by Downer on the situation in Cyprus, said that Turkey expects a positive outcome from the Geneva meeting. In addition, Davutoglu informed Downer that Turkey was irritated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statements during her visit to Cyprus.

Daily Bakis (21.01.11), under the title “There is no religious fanaticism in the TRNC” reports that self-styled minister of foreign affairs Huseyin Ozgurgun, in a press release, criticizes the latest resolution by the European Parliament, which condemns the forceful interruption by the Turkish occupation regime of the Christmas Mass attended by the remaining 300 Christians in the occupied part of Cyprus.

Ozgurgun said that “members of the Greek Cypriot Orthodox church living in the TRNC have been freely worshipping in line with relevant laws”. He added that it is great misfortune that this resolution strengthens the allegations that the European Union is not a community with joint values but a Christian club.

Ozgurgun also said that this resolution is a result of the Greek Cypriot propaganda and overshadows the importance and the neutrality of the EU.

“It would be a much more consistent act for the European Parliament to look into the rise in racist attacks in the Republic of Cyprus that was illegitimately made an EU member, instead of blackmailing the TRNC- which avoids religious fanaticism and allows everyone to enjoy freedom of religion”, Ozgurgun concluded.

Turkish Cypriot dailies Halkin Sesi, Gunes, Volkan and Vatan (21.01.11) highlight in their front-page the statements made by the Commander of the “Turkish Security forces” in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus, Major general Mehmet Daysal during the oath-taking ceremony of reserve officers and sergeants.

Under the title “A sovereignty message from Daysal to the Greek Cypriots”, Halkin Sesi reports that Commander Daysal said that the Turkish occupation forces are determined to perform their duty to strengthen and keep alive the breakaway regime.

Volkan (21.01.11) reports that a delegation of the Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad (ATCA) will convey a petition today to the UN today at Ledra Palace check-point.

Kerem Hasan, the representative of ATCA in the occupied areas, said that the petition to the UN will convey the message if the Cyprus talks fail or no important progress is achieved by the end of January 2011, then the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora demands a “Plan B”.

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika (21.01.11) reports that “prime minister” Irsen Kucuk is to travel to Istanbul today upon an invitation by the Istanbul branch of the “Turkish Cypriot Culture Association”. Kucuk is to address commemoration ceremony for Fazil Kucuk which is organized by the “association”.

Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen (21.01.11) reports that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) will hold a march tomorrow in the occupied towns of Keryneia and Famagusta under the slogan “It’s enough” in protest at the actions of the occupation government.

CTP calls on the Turkish Cypriots and all the political parties to join them in the march.

According to the Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (21.01.11), the leader of the Communal Democrat Party (TDP) Mehmet Cakici visited yesterday the places that strikes are continuing. Cakici criticized the “government” saying that they have not implemented their promises, adding that the TDP will participate in the rally of January 28. Cakici also said that the TDP protests in order to overthrow the “UBP government”.

Gunes (21.01.11) reports that the self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk said in a written statement, that some circles are trying to turn people against one another and are being hostile to Turkey. Kucuk added that the chaos that they are trying to create and their attitudes cannot be ignored.

He reiterated that the Turkish Cypriots “have always been an inseparable part of motherland Turkey and they will continue to work hand in hand with pride”. Explaining that “some are using the austerity measures as an excuse to call for the government’s resignation or for early elections”, Kucuk said the “governing National Unity Party (UBP) gives importance to the country by creating a prosperous future for the people just as much as anyone”.

Daily Havadis (21.01.11) reports that self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk participated yesterday in a meeting with the “Turkish ambassador” in the occupied part of Cyprus Kaya Turkmen and the “Turkey’s Aid Delegation”. Citing confidential sources, the paper reports that Kucuk asked Turkey to send the money so that the 13th salaries can be paid.

The Turkish State Minister responsible for Cyprus affairs, Cemil Cicek, sent a message that “the reforms should not be delayed”. 


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