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Christofias in Brussels for EU Summit

President Demetris Christofias is in Brussels today attending the first European Council under the Lisbon Treaty at which climate negotiations, the worldwide recession and the adoption of the Stockholm Programme for justice cooperation will be discussed.

The Council follows the General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAERC) on Monday and Tuesday at which Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou, submitted a unilateral declaration at the GAERC regarding Turkey’s EU accession course and its obligations towards Cyprus.

The European Council is expected to adopt the Stockholm Programme, the new action plan in the area of justice and home affairs for 2010-2014. The programme is important because it addresses freedom, security and justice, an increasingly important part of EU cooperation which has a major impact on the daily lives of individuals.

The summit takes place in the middle of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The summit is expected to draw up a timetable for a legally binding climate agreement.

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How Can the Government Improve the Economy?
By focusing on job creation
By reducing interest rates in government-owned banks
By changing the hours banks are open to normal working hours
By changing the hours govt. offices are open to normal working hours
By talking more positively about the economy
By reducing corruption and bribery in the state sector
All of the above
None of the above
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