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Floating Gallery: Arteri Calls for Artists

Arteri has called for artists to exhibit in their Floating Gllery and will hold an event on May 1st at Ammos Beach Bar in Larnaca.

The deadline for artists to apply is April 25th.

Below is the artist call message from Arteri:
Cyprus is experiencing a new wave. A new wave of creativity coming from the new generation.

Young, fresh minds filled with innovative ideas and concepts.

Everything from film, art, music, design, to dance.

Everything is transforming and Cyprus needs to be part of that transformation.
Art has to become an important part of our community and our artists must be recognized.

This event is focused on artists with Vision.

Original and ultramodern ideas.
The Exhibitors -
Stephania Ayiotou
Film Director, Performer, Stylist, Designer. She has studied acting and directing in New York, worked on French, British and American productions as well as finalizing her first directorial debut in Cyprus this year.

She is the main organizer of this event. Accompanying the launch of her new clothing line she wants to also bring other artist of different fields. Artists with vision, whose work is original and has a statement to make.
Alexander Tasou
Artist, Designer, Visionary HI TEK
Not just an artist. He is a visionary. A man whose art has not only transcended the fields of fashion, design and popular culture. But it is also kept in Museums and Galleries across the world. Stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson have been his supporters and today Lady Gaga.
He is a living example of how far a Cypriot artist can get if he works hard and stays original.
Sonia Moya
Jeweler and Designer Garnet Jewels
It could be painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists, textile designers, accessory designers, bag and or shoe makers, poets, film makers, installation art.

We are very open to all forms of expression. And we are also very open-minded!
We want to prove that a unique and original art show IS possible in Cyprus and that there is a platform were artists can unite and be noticed.

If you feel your art has something original to state or if you are an already established artist who wants to support this cause and be involved in a selective, unique, refreshing and fun event then please contact us.

We do not require any commission for your exhibiting space; you can exhibit and sell your work freely.
So we are calling art from all corners of life. The deadline for submissions is April 25th.

All transportation and exhibiting fees will be covered.

All we need is an online access to the work you would like to exhibit and some background information.
This event will be covered and marketed by multiple media.

There will also be live music bands and a fashion show.

It’s going to be a day to remember...
If you don’t have your work online you can just email images.
For submissions, & further details, please email:


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