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Optimism About Future Declines - Eurobarometer

Eurobarometer's latest survey for Autumn 2009 shows that Cypriots are the most concerned Europeans when it comes to the economic situation, and that their optimism about the future has declined.

Since Spring 2009, the proportion of Europeans who consider the economic situation to be an “important issue” at national level has decreased in 16 Member States, most dramatically so in Sweden (-13). At the same time, in six Member States concern about the economic situation has increased: Cyprus (+13), Spain (+10), the Czech Republic, Greece (each +8), Portugal and Romania (each +3). In all countries except from Malta and Cyprus, expectations regarding the European and world economies are now more positive than was the case in spring 2009. Cypriots express a lack of confidence in the national government's ability to take effective actions against the effects of the crisis, but 32% of Cypriots believe the EU can take effective measures.

Respondents in Cyprus (68%) are by far the most convinced of the benefits of the green economy on economic growth, said Eurobarometer.

Crime is the most frequently mentioned concern in Cyprus (36%), Denmark, the UK and Bulgaria, according to the survey.

In comparison with autumn 2007,levels of satisfaction with the way democracy works in the European Union have improved by at least four percentage points in 13 Member States, with the largest positive shifts noted in Luxembourg (+20), Bulgaria, Cyprus and Slovakia (each +13). The feeling that their country has benefited from EU membership has increased most, however, in Sweden (+8). In addition, support for EU membership is now lower in Luxembourg (-5) and the perception of the benefits of membership is lower
in Cyprus (-4).

The sense of optimism about the future of the European Union is evident from the finding that in every Member State an outright majority of respondents have a positive outlook. The proportion that is optimistic about the future ranges from 50% in the UK to 79% in Denmark and the Netherlands. In four countries optimism about the future has declined: Malta and Cyprus (each -7), Ireland (-5) and Lithuania (-4), said Eurobarometer.

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