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Three-way Summit in Geneva July 4th - Christofias

cyprus newsThere will be a tri-lateral meeting between President Demetris Christofias, Turkish-Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on July 4th in Geneva, said the president after his reunification talks with Eroglu this morning.

The agenda will be agreed upon after a discussion with the political party leadership, said Christofias.

Commenting on the latest reunification talks, UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer said: "both sides agreed to exchange opinions with each other on the issue of the meeting with the Secretary-General with a view to making that meeting a really successful meeting."

This morning, the leaders discussed police matters, said Downer, and their next meeting will be on June 1st at 10am.

The last tri-lateral talks were held on January 26th this year, after which the leaders promised to intensify reunification negotiations. Since then, some progress has been made on internal security on matters like a federal police force and guideliness for international treaties. The major stumbling blocks of governance and property still remain unresolved, however.


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