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Cyprus Education Snapshot 2009-2010

cyprus educationMore women than men travelled abroad to study in university in 2009-2010, and the number of students who do their university courses in Cyprus has risen steadily since 2006, according to the latest education statistics from the Cyprus Statistical Service (CYSTAT).

10,540 women and 9,511 Cypriot men travelled abroad for their studies, reflecting a slight drop from 2008-2009, when 11,358 women and 10,115 men went abroad.

While the trend of students travelling abroad seems to be declining, the number of students who study in Cyprus is rising, according to the figures. In 2008-2009 there were 30,986 tertiary-level students in Cyprus. This number rose to 32,233 in 2009-2010, says CYSTAT.

In other age groups, there were 27,985 pre-school students, 54,522 primary school students, and 64,611 secondary school students.

There were 682 pre-schools, 370 primary schools, 165 secondary schools, and 42 tertiary institutions in 2009-2010, says CYSTAT.


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