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House Approves Aid for Tornado Victims

The House of Representatives has approved some 255.407 euros to cover a percentage of the 2.5 million euros in damages caused by a powerful tornado on September 18th this year.

The money will cover 50% of the damage to houses that were uninsured, and 80% of vehicles that were destroyed, provided that the owners belong to groups like pensioners or have an income below 850 euros per month.

The government has also applied to the European Union for aid, said Minister of the Interior Neoklis Sylikiotis, who added that the state has already paid around 31,000 euros to help those affected by the tornado.

17 people, including the Swiss ambassador, were injured in a tornado in Nicosia on September 18th. The tornado, which blew up out of nowhere, causing traffic chaos, the collapse of a theatre in Latsia and extensive damage to houses and cars.

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