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Double Tragedy in Limassol Road Accident

road accident limassolTwo young people were killed in a road accident in Limassol after a motorcyclist travelling at high speed along the seafront lost control of his motorcycle, killing himself and his 20-year-old passenger.

32-year-old Christos Papaioannou and 20-year-old Aristi Ioannou met a tragic death at 12.30am on 28th October road, said police. The motorcyclist swerved to avoid hitting a 20-year-old pedestrian who was crossing the road at the time, and lost control of the vehicle.

Papaioanou crashed into an island in the centre of the road and then hit an electricity pole. Both Papaioannou and Ioannou were rushed to hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.

The 20-year-old pedestrian was taken to Limassol General Hospital and treated for multiple burns on her body. Her condition is serious but out of danger, said police.


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