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Call for Artists for New Nicosia Exhibition

Old City Arts & Jazz is looking for ten artists to participate in an exhibition titled 'Brand New Perspective' in the centre of old Nicosia starting October 15th - November 15th.

If you are a sculptor, photographer, ceramist, painter, mosaic artist, jewellery designer, fashion designer, visual artist or film maker, send an application email to with the following details:

1. Artist's medium.
2. Artist's name.
3. Artist's age.
4. Artist's telephone number
5. How the piece/pieces fit into the Brand New Perspective concept.
6. Size of piece/pieces.
7. Photograph and description of the piece/pieces.
8. Short biography of the Artist.
9. Email Subject line: Brand New Perspective

Rules, Terms & Conditions
If approved, each participant is responsible for transporting their piece to the exhibition space in Nicosia by October 14th.
There is a participation fee of 85 euros, payable by October 1st 2011.
Artists are responsible for handling the sale and delivery of their pieces during the exhibition. No commissions are charged by the exhibition organisers.
If an artist sells their piece/pieces and wishes to replace the sold piece with a new piece, the replacement piece must reflect a dimension of the concept 'Brand New Perspective'.
There is a limit of two pieces per artist, subject to the size of the pieces.
Participating artists will receive confirmation of exhibition space details in Nicosia by email by September 1s5th.
Exhibition will be publicised through press releases, invitations sent through social media.
Artists are responsible for their own transportation, accomodation and catering costs where relevant.
Organisers reserve the right to cancel the exhibition with one week's notice and return of application fee in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Artists of any nationality welcome.


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