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Fourth Deadly Road Accident in One Week

george antoniou accident deathA 33-year-old motorcyclist from Limassol is the latest road fatality victim and the fourth within a week.

Police said that Georgios Antoniou was killed in an accident at 1:50am on Promachon Eleftherias street in Limassol. His motorcycle crashed into a car being driven by a 19-year-old Limassol man, but it is not clear how the collision happened.

The 19-year-old was arrested for interrogation, and Limassol traffic police are investigating the causes of the accident.

Since August 5th, a 22-year-old man, a 43-year-old man and 71-year-old man have been killed in road accidents. Georgios Antoniou is the fourth victim within a week, and the second motorcyclist. According to statistics, Cyprus has the highest rate of motorcyclist deaths in the EU proportional to its population.

The statistics do little to show the true extent of the problem. The families whose loved ones are killed in these accidents sometimes suffer for years waiting to receive police investigation reports. In Stuart Paterson's case, the 46-year-old motorcyclist from Scotland died in an accident on Paralimni in June 2010. His family has yet to hear from Cyprus police headquarters to confirm the exact details of how and when he died.

When contacted by after a plea from the victim's family, police headquarters responded with a form asking for a payment of 100 euros for the final police report to be sent. Their response did not include an answer to the question: "why did it take so long for the family to receive the police report?"

If the underlying problem is a lackadaisical approach to driving safety, slack enforcement of road rules, and police apathy, then drivers will keep dying. Families will keep losing loved ones in avoidable accidents. But these factors have to be tackled before the number of road fatalities drop. They won't fall by themselves; the police, the government and drivers must all do their part to make Cyprus' roads safer.


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