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Five Euros for a Coffee? CTO Pricewatch

Before buying refreshments, thirsty consumers should check out the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) price information for water, coffee, soda and beer.

According to the CTO's research, a bottle of soda in Larnaca can cost you in the range of 1.30 to 4.00 euros. A bottle of water in Nicosia ranges from 0.50 to 2.50 euros, while a frappe in Famagusta ranges from 2.20 to 5.00 euros.

Prices vary widely for these key drinks and if you speak Greek, the information can be found here.

Unfortunately the information was only published only in Greek, so an estimated two million tourists per year would not have had access to it. In the interests of helping visitors and Cypriots abroad who may not speak good Greek, the translated version is here.

Prices should be placed at kiosks and restaurants clearly for all to see and consumers can contact the Cyprus Tourism Organisation on 22691100 for more information.

In a telephone conversation with, a spokesman for CTO said that as a government organisation, it does not issue information in English but only in Greek. The English-language media should do their own translations, said the spokesman, who apparently is under the impression that the media should do the CTO's job for them and translate 13 pages of statistics.


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