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Thought for Today 25.8.2011

wil de boerby Wilhemina de BoerRespect that everyone around you has a different point of view. To communicate with others powerfully, you have to find common ground.

Searching to meet the other with respect will bring freedom and opportunity to share.

It is good to remember that all your words have power and effect and are not easily forgotten, especially words of encouragement and compassion may change people's life dramatically as your deeds, thoughts and words spoken from the heart has power to uplift the spirit of all.

Words spoken out of anger are showing the frustration of the speaker. Speak words from your heart and even the most upset person will feel the intention of your love. All words spoken are making a difference in this world, be respectful and you will build bridges of understanding, connecting with love.

Give up the battle of being right, live your own truth.  Only what you recognize you can change or empower.

 Love and Light,


Will Greece's Cycle of Debt and Crisis Be Broken By the New Eurozone Deal?
Yes, now the country can grow and get out of crisis
No, Greece's economy is not efficient
Maybe, if the reforms are implemented
Total votes: 80