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Avant-Garde Composers Shine at Pharos Intl. Music Festival

pharos international music festivalAvant-garde composers are set to shine at The Pharos 3rd International Contemporary Music Festival on 11 – 17 September 2011 at The Shoe Factory, Nicosia and The Olive Grove, Delikipos.

There will be performances by ΕΧAUDI Vocal Ensemble, Trio ΙΑΜΑ, Musiques Nouvelles, Joshua Fineberg and Μoscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Now in its third year, the mission of the Pharos International Contemporary Music Festival is to showcase avant-garde compositions from all over the world. The Festival aims to provide a forum for composers and performers to advance and develop new projects and it has already been established as one of the most interesting and progressive annual events in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Some of the finest contemporary ensembles in the world will join forces with over 15 young, but internationally distinguished, composers from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Finland, Russia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Argentina, UK and the USA. Each composer will write a newly-commissioned Trio that will be given its world-premiere during the festival.

Composers commissioned to write world premieres are Andreas Tsiartas (Cyprus), Artemis Aifotiti (Cyprus), Andys Skordis (Cyprus), George Christofi (Cyprus), Evis Sammoutis (Cyprus), Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece), Tazul Tajuddin (Malaysia), Davide Ianni (Italy), Sungji Hong (Korea), Christopher Trapani (USA), Takuya Imahori (Japan), Ian Dickson (UK), Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia), Alexander Khubeev (Russia), Daryl Jamieson (Canada), Petar Klanac (Canada) and Carlos Stella (Argentina). 

Information & Tickets:

Pharos Arts Foundation: / Tel: +35722663871

Tickets: €22 / €17 (for Supporters of the Pharos Arts Foundation, Concessions) Box Office Tel 7000-9304 / 


Sunday 11 September 2011
The Olive Grove, Delikipos / 7.00pm
EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble
Juliet Fraser / soprano
Tom Williams / countertenor
Stephen Jeffes / tenor
Jonathan Saunders / bass-baritone
James Weeks / director

John Cage (1912 – 1992)
Story from Living Room Music (1940)        

Stephen Chase (b. 1973)
Excerpts from Jandl Songs (2007-)                         
Georges Aperghis (b. 1945)       
from Récitations (1977/8)               
Dmitri Kourliandski (b. 1976)                 
Voice-off     World Premiere                                            
Cornelius Cardew (1936 – 1981)        
Ah Thel  (1963)                          
Amber Priestley (b. 1973)
bien ou chaud, bien serrés (2010)        
Christopher Fox (b. 1955)
Excerpts from Catalogue Irraisoné (1999 – 2001)       
Evis Sammoutis (b. 1979)
Onomatopoeia     World Premiere   
Howard Skempton (b. 1947)        
Music, when soft voices die (1992)
Monday 12 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 8.30pm
Antonis Anissegos / piano
Jannis Anissegos / flute
Maria Anissegou / cello

Dimitri Papageorgiou (b. 1965)
In the Vestige of the Present (2008)
Carlos Maria Stella (b. 1961)
Brahms im Spiegelkabinet (2007)  World Premiere
Demetris Economou (b. 1984)
Vox Oblique (2008)
George Christofi (1983)
Tethys     World Premiere
Marc Yeats (b. 1962)
Strange Geometry (2008/2009)
Tuesday 13 September 2011
European University Cyprus / 10.00pm
Improvisation project for children with special needs

Tuesday 13 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 6.30pm
Young Cypriot composers performed by MUSIQUES NOUVELLES
Workshop to follow, coached by composer Joshua Fineberg

Andys Skordi (b. 1982)
So we commence...where?? World Premiere

Artemis Aifotiti (b. 1986)
Collage for piano trio  World Premiere

Andreas Tsiartas (b. 1986)
Mnéma for piano trio World Premiere

Wednesday 14 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 8.30pm
Antoine Maisonhaute / violin
Jean-Paul Dessy / cello
André Ristic / piano

Christopher Trapani (b. 1980)
Passing Through, Staying Put  World Premiere
Giacinto Scelsi (1905 – 1988)
Divertimento for violin, No. 3 (1955)
Daryl Jamieson (b. 1980)
Snow Meditation  World Premiere
Evis Sammoutis (b. 1979)
Interpunct for solo piano (2011)

Jean-Paul Dessy (b. 1963)
Non Multa sed Multum for solo cello (1997)
Giacinto Scelsi (1905 – 1988)
Duo for violin and cello (1965)

Peter Klanac (b. 1971)
New work for solo piano World Premiere
Panayotis Kokoras (b. 1974)
Murmur World Premiere

Victor Kissine (b. 1953)
Piano Trio (1993)
Thursday 15 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 8.30pm
Mikhail Bolkhovitin / violin
Sergei Astashonok / cello
Ivan Bushuev / flute
Oleg Tantsov / clarinet
Mikhail Dubov / piano

Takuya Imahori (b. 1978)
Vines for flute, clarinet, and piano World Premiere
Davide Ianni (b. 1978)
Transients for flute, clarinet and cello World Premiere
Alexander Khubeev (b. 1986) 
Work for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello   World Premiere
Vladimir Tarnopolsky (b. 1955)
Echoes of Past Day for clarinet, cello and piano (1991)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 – 2007)
Klavierstücke No. 9 for piano solo (1961)
Luca Francesconi (b. 1956)
Trio for clarinet, violin and piano
Joshua Fineberg (b. 1969)
Shards for clarinet, flute and cello (2002/3)
Friday 16 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 8.30pm
Mikhail Bolkhovitin / violin
Sergei Astashonok / cello
Ivan Bushuev / flute
Oleg Tantsov / clarinet
Mikhail Dubov / piano

Brian Ferneyhough (b. 1943)
Cassandra’s Dream Song for flute solo (1974)
Sungji Hong (b. 1973)
Bisbiglio for flute, clarinet and piano World Premiere
Thomas Simaku (b. 1958)
a2 for violin and cello (2008)
Franck Bedrossian (b. 1971)
L'usage de la parole for clarinet, cello and piano (1999)
Joshua Fineberg (b. 1969)
Veils for solo piano (2001)
Ian Dickson (b. 1977)
Lunissanti for clarinet, violin and cello World Premiere
Tazul Tajuddin (b. 1969)
Sebuah Pantun IV for violin, cello and piano  World Premiere
Tristan Murail (b. 1947)
Treize Couleurs du soleil couchant (1978)
Saturday 17 September 2011
The Shoe Factory, Nicosia / 11.00am 
Lecture and Presentation on Russian Contemporary Music scene with the director and instrumentalists of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.


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