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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - German Food Celebrated

mary's dinnersby Mary Anglberger - I am Austrian - got here last August (on my own, am not married, have no children) to change professionally after almost 20 years of travelling the globe, teaching English.

I have since left my first job here in Limassol (marketing) and now teach English again - which I do love after all. I teach mostly evening classes and am off in the daytime..... the idea of a dinner club had been on my mind for several years.

And then in February I met up with a visiting British acquaintance (half Cypriot actually)  who does wine tours in France and who was just in the proceess of starting them back home - he convinced me to 'go for it' too.

Those Dinner Clubs have really become the highlight  of my week - I love planning/shopping/trying things out during the week and I always look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Usually we go out dancing after dinner which is also more fun in a group.
Some facts: there have been 16 dinner clubs so far, welcoming a total of 121 guests with 14 different nationalities and about 25% have attended more than once (some have become true regulars :).

Celebrating German food

On September 24th the music that welcomed you when entering Mary's 4th floor lofty apartment was traditonal German 'Blasmusik' and in true Oktoberfest fashion everyone's preferred drink that evening: German beer. Guests got to enjoy a starter called Obatzter - a spread made with camembert, red onions, butter and spices that is traditionally served at Munich's Oktoberfest. Eaten with dark bread or warm Brezn from the German Fresh Baker who just opened their shop in the tourist area a few moths ago... a delight!

The main course: fresh, hand-made German sausages (Thüringer Bratwürste if you must know) made by Wolfgang - working in his trade since almost 20 years, with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Dessert: a selection of tarts, cakes and pastries from the same bakery. Yes, a rather relaxed evening for the hostess ;)
Even though... there was a bit of worrying because the lovely guests  were enjoying themselves so much, they 'refused' to leave at the usual finishing time of 11:30 ;). A fabulous time was had by 11 attendees from 7 different countries aged 27 - 77. As one guest had kindly put it: the good vibes of so many different people must have infiltrated the walls to create the special atmosphere.

Have a look at!/profile.php?id=100002911386281 or come and attend the 'repeat Oktoberfest on Oct 8th'


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