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Cypriot News Headlines 30-9-11

cyprus newsAlithia: "Countdown" headlines an article about Polys Polyviou's findings in an investigation into the deadly explosion at Mari naval base. He is set to give the results on October 3rd.

Simerini: "They don't have their Allah" headlines an article saying that Erdogan and Papadandreou had a meeting which the Turks used to spread disinformation about Papadandreou's position on oil-and-gas exploration in the E. Mediterranean.

Phileleftheros: "Two conditions with background threats" headlines an article covering an article in Turkey's foreign ministry saying that the Greek Cypriots will either stop drilling or Turkey will proceed with its own offshore drilling operations.

Xaravgi (communist party paper): The paper covers communist party AKEL's rally ahead of Independence day on October 1st.

Turkish-Cypriot news headlines (source PIO).

Ankara Anatolia news agency reports Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's televised address to the nation on Thursday, when he reiterated a call on the Cyprus Government to halt offshore drilling for hydrocarbon reserves around Cyprus, saying that crisis and tensions would serve in no one’s interests.

“Those who expect leverage from a crisis or political gain from tension must stop making such mistakes”, Erdogan said.

Erdogan said that Turkish-Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu presented to the UN Secretary-General a proposal in a bid to offer a fair solution to the offshore drilling standoff in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The proposal offers, in case the Greek Cypriots insisted on drilling, setting up a committee of Turkish and Greek Cypriots as well as written permissions from both sides on drilling agreements and licenses, and negotiations to determine how the income from hydrocarbon reserves would be shared among the two communities if drilling proved successful in exploring oil or gas,” Erdogan said, adding that the proposal also put forward the condition that the hydrocarbon income could not be spent to buy weapons.

“This is indeed a very fair and constructive proposal and a good opportunity to end the crisis. If the Turkish Cypriot proposal is left without a response, neither Turkey nor the TRNC will let such a fait accompli in defiance of their rights,” Erdogan said.

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris reports that Eroglu said that the aim of the Turkish seismic exploration in Eastern Mediterranean is to protect their rights in the area.

In further claims, Eroglu reminded his proposal to the UN Secretary-General in New York after the start of the drilling by the Republic of Cyprus and said that Ban Ki-moon thought that this proposal was positive.  Eroglu said that the ship named Piri Reis is currently carrying out exploration on behalf of the “TRNC” near parcel 12 where the Republic of Cyprus is conducting its drilling.

He said that the Turkish side is determined to defend its rights and, if needed, equipment for drilling will be secured, like the Turkish Minister of Energy had stated.

Referring to the Cyprus talks, Eroglu reiterated the Turkish view that the solution to be reached should become primary law of the European Union and noted that in spite of the fact that President Christofias does not accept this, they insist on this issue because it is necessary for the viability of the solution. He said that during their meeting today they would discuss the issue of internal security and if the issue is approached with good will, there is no reason why it could not be solved.

Eroglu said that disagreement exists on the property issue and added that on the issue of territory, the Turkish side wants the displacement of as few people as possible. He argued that the developments in 1974 could not be disregarded.

Eroglu noted that after the meeting on Friday, a give and take procedure could begin on certain issues and added that some things will be further clarified during the two-day long tripartite summit to be held in New York in the end of October.

Afrika reports that 'minister of internal affairs' Nazim Cavusoglu has said that 7,500 persons have currently the right to file an application for becoming “citizens” of the breakaway regime.

Hurriyet Daily News reported the following:

“The European Union for the first time is planning to draw a road map to completely remove visa requirements for Turkish citizens, while in the meantime the Union will take steps to ease visa procedures, according to Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commission representative for interior affairs.

The process will start in the fall and will consists of five steps, starting with granting longer duration visas, then multi-entry visas, then shortening the processing time, then reducing the paperwork required, and then extending again or even eliminating visas for certain sectors.

Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bagis on Wednesday participated in a session of the European Parliament discussing the Union’s visa regime for Turkish nationals. The EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting on Wednesday was the first high-level meeting between Turkey and the EU on what Ankara hopes will lead to further negotiations to remove visa requirements for Turks visiting EU member states.

‘We are about to embark on a journey. But it will take time. And to begin with, we will ease visa procedures,’ said Malmstrom, adding that the EU member states would issue longer-stay, multi-entry visas with shorter issuance periods and less paper work, as well as indefinite visas for certain sectors.

‘We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. All we ask for is an end to the discrimination and equal treatment with other candidate countries,’ Bagis said.

Bagis denied allegations that a wave of migration from Turkey to the EU would follow visa exemption, saying that a reverse migration was already underway. ‘As a matter of fact, nearly 30,000 Turks returned home within the past few years,’ he said.

Responding to a question by a parliamentary lawmaker about Turkey’s decision to freeze relations with the EU term presidency when the Greek Cypriot administration [Cyprus Government] assumes the helm if a settlement on the Cyprus issue has not been found, Bagis said that membership negotiations could wait for six months without opening another chapter.

‘It isn’t the end of the world if we don’t open a new chapter in accession talks for another six months, Bagis said.”


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