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Turkey Role Critical In Solution

Turkey's role is a critical deciding factor in any solution negotiated by Cyprus' leaders, said leading political analyst Dr. Kosta Gouliamos speaking to

Although President Demetris Christofias is putting in a great deal of effort to negotiate a reunification plan with Turkish-Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, the outcome is also dependent on Turkey's strategic goals for the region, said Mr. Gouliamos.

"The president is doing everything to create the proper content and context for an agreement and he's doing this in a very constructive way...there's no concrete evidence that Turkey wants to find a solution in Cyprus seriously," he added.

Gouliamos said that Britain's approach to the situation is also critical in finding a plan that reflects UN resolutions and a bi-zonal federation under the umbrella of one state.

Commenting on the proposal that votes for a rotating presidency in a united Cyprus would be weighted proportionally along ethnic lines, Gouliamos said that everything could be workable within a holistic plan for both communities.

"The most important thing is to see the big picture, social, economic, political and cultural big picture," said Gouliamos.

Some experts believe that Turkey is in breach of the Treaty of Guarantee since it has occupied 37 percent of the island since 1974. However, Gouliamos said that the negotiators have to see security issues first from the political perspective and then the legal perspective.

"To me, when you're in negotiations legal issues are not the priority, when you're in discussions, first you look at the political matters and then you find a way to resolve the legal matters," said Gouliamos.

Dr. Kosta Gouliamos is the Professor and Vice-Rector, Research & External Relations of European  University Cyprus. He is an internationally and nationally recognized authority on culture, media and political communication/marketing.

Prof. Gouliamos has been appointed Member of the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg (2005-2008) as well as Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Social Survey. He is coordinator for the National Center for Social Research of Greece (EKKE) in Cyprus.

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