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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - France Revisited

mary's dinner club by Mary Anglberger - I am Austrian - got here last August (on my own, am not married, have no children) to change professionally after almost 20 years of travelling the globe, teaching English.

My Dinner Clubs have really become the highlight  of my week - I love planning/shopping/trying things out during the week and I always look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Usually we go out dancing after dinner which is also more fun in a group.

The French-themed dinner club no 18 was 'magnifique' indeed….. Yet again, a lovely group of people (adding a new nationality to the already long list – Syrian). It was still mild enough for welcome drinks and introductions on the balcony. This time four of the guests were ‘returning ones’ not to say regulars.

We moved inside for the first course over much laughter as the numbers drawn turned out to create one table for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. All were much travelled and there was talk about international food, shops, flights, mutual friends (a must in Limassol), favorite songs, and, and, and….

The first course was onion soup topped with grated Parmesan cheese and homemade sunflower seed croutons. The distinct white wine flavor went down a treat. The main course coque au vin was not only tasty but also pretty to look at with the whole mushrooms and shallots and potato gratin as side dish. Preparing it was fun, watching the dish ‘taking on shape’ i.e. color.

We did not change seats for the next course – different cheeses with grapes, pears and figs and warm baguette. This course probably lasted the longest just because it felt like such an indulgence.

mary's dinner club Then guests were sent out onto the balcony once more to ‘enjoy the view’, smoke a cigarette, carry on a previously left conversation….. Dessert featured the traditional upside down apple pie ‘tarte tartin’ – a French favorite I am told. Served with tea, coffee and whipped cream it rounded things off beautifully.

After coffee it was agreed that another glass of wine on the balcony was ‘in order’ and finally we stayed till past midnight – what a lovely eve!

Some of us did end up on a down town dance floor, possible dancing off even more calories than were consumed.

Already looking forward to the next event on October 29th.

For more information on Mary's Dinner Club nights, have a look at her Facebook page  

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