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Thought for Today 21.11.2011

thought for todayby Wilhemina de Boer - When you live your life feeling inner balance; you allow people the dignity of their choices even when you don't agree. You are in the present moment and realize that uninvited opinions from others tells you more about them then about yourself.

You become responsible for your own opinions and choices and dare to change your mind when necessary. You understand that any thought without action or emotional investment is just that.. a thought, meaning nothing. Life is constant changing, reflecting your choices. Inner peace is knowing that the only control you have is your attitude. Observe your own attitude and ask yourself if you are in control.

Consider every problem you have as a challenge and your creativity will be activated, not your anger.

Always keep in mind that the opinions of others are just that don’t have to fight them or make them yours.

Love and Light,


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