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Thought for Today 29.11.2011

wil de boerby Wilhemina de Boer - Power is a feeling of control and strength, it has no good or bad in it, but is just that… power. When you use it to help or to control others, your mind has come in between choosing between two paths, love and fear as your mind is your tool to explore duality.

You have always a choice in the way you act with your feelings. Feelings don’t happen there to be out of the blue, you have a certain database out which you choose how to feel.

Your memories categorize feelings in good and bad. When you use the power that you possess from the point of view of freedom, you give up labeling right and wrong, creating a new database full of love. Controlling others means that you think that they can be stronger than you. Doubt comes in the place of trust when you have forgotten that you are in control.

Love and Light, Wilhelmina

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