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Culture Clash Or Vibrant Diversity? Author Lambis' Take On Mixing Cultures

paul lambis where is homeAnyone who has lived with a mixed nationality background can relate to author Paul Lambis' autobiographical book 'Where Is Home?', in which he describes the search for his own identity after growing up in South Africa with Greek parents.

He tries to escape his overpowering family by travelling to London, where he encounters other challenges and temptations.

The book was launched at a well-attended reception jointly sponsored by Orange Circle Advertising and the Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri on Friday 25th November, 2011.

The welcome to the 140 people present for the occasion was made by Andrianne Philippou, correspondent for the Cyprus Weekly.

In her introduction, Andrianne referred to Paul Lambis’ “journey of hilarious contrasts,” as delightful, humorous, motivational, spiritual and heart-warming, as the author embarked on his journey of self-discovery. 

Paul Lambis’ lively speech included quotes from his successful book, and references made to his family who played their part in his upbringing. 

The book launch featured a very good mix of book distributors, celebrities, journalists, entrepreneurs, family and friends who attended the launch.

Lambis is a South African born Cypriot who immigrated to Cyprus in 2002. His previous work includes a novel, The Turkish Princess and various short articles written for Stil Gizni magazine.

“Where is Home?” is available from most bookstores throughout Cyprus, and is available online from

“Where is Home?” and Paul Lambis can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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