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Mary Anglberger Awarded Multicultural Blogger 2011 multicultural blogger awardHobby chef and English teacher Mary Anglberger has been awarded's Multicultural Blogger 2011 for her articles on 'Mary's Dinner Club Stories' in recognition of her bringing together people from different cultures and introducing them to cuisines from around the world.

"I started holding dinner clubs in April and they have become a highlight in my week. Writing about them helps me remember 'who's who' - the fascinating part about those get-togethers that generally feature at least 5 different nationalities. I also enjoy thinking about the menu again once it's done. Besides the varied, good food that has been enjoyed, innumerable friendships have been formed and I look forward to many more enjoyable Saturdays to come!
Thank you for the opportunity to share my dinner club stories with your readers! " said Mary after receiving the award.

You can join Mary's Dinner Club Limassol on Facebook to find out more, and read one of her articles here.

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