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Fishermen Apologise Over Shark Kill

shark fishing limassolFishermen who sparked outrage over the killing of a harmless shark in Limassol waters have apologised to marine environmentalists, said Nireas Marine Research in a statement.

In an emailed response, fisherman known as MrLouca03 said that he was sorry for the upset and that he truly did not know what kind of shark it was, or whether it was edible or legal to fish. The shark was caught in the middle of September in 700 foot waters and weighed 68 kilos, he said. The fisherman promised to release any similar sharks they catch in the future.

Yesterday, a video posted on by anonymous user MrLouca03 caused distress among animal lovers over the killing of a vulnerable species of shark called Alopias (Thresher shark). The shark was beaten to death with a hammer by two fishermen on a small fishing boat.

"They feel like courageous men when all they have done is lure an innocent animal out of its territory and brutally kill it when it is at its most vulnerable." said one environmentalist.

"Unbelievable. Do they see the pain in this animal's eyes when they hit them? Shame on them..." said another conservationist.

The shark is not a threat to humans, and conservationists from the Nireas Marine Research NGO are trying to raise awareness of the danger of eating shark meat, which is heavily contaminated with mercury.

The video was posted on December 1, 2011 with background music that can only be described as the worst karaoke ever made of Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.  It has been shared on by a number of Limassol-based members- again to widespread outrage and disgust. The video has been removed from by the user who uploaded it since the time of writing this article, however it can be seen here on the Acting for Biodiversity website. Warning, it contains graphic and disturbing images.

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