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Thought For Today 23.12.11

thought for todayby Wilhemina de Boer - Reaching out for enlightenment shows your ignorance about the light you carry inside. Enlightenment can’t be learned or reached for it can only be experienced in the acceptance of your body and existence in this world, finding it within.

The need for transformation only exists in the human form. The experiences we have are opportunities to grow in the wisdom of what we are, not what we have to do. The ‘doing’ part is duality itself the silent being doesn’t require action as it is perfect, whole and complete.

Enlightenment is even not a state of being, as consciousness is given up. We reach close the truth of enlightenment as we understand and accept that we are the light and not the shadows created in the mind. Surrender doesn’t mean to give up but to accept so you may move on without fear. Honor this day and it will unfold with abundance.

Love and Light, Wilhelmina

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